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Acacia obtusifolia x OP seed

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Freshly harvested from young trees in my front garden. Pics below both taken today.  

Tree #1 - fully ripened pods, but fewer. This tree has an upright growth habit.

Tree #2 - unripe pods, insanely prolific. This tree is a straggly monster, with a tendency to branch out horizontally. It's always been a particularly vigorous specimen. 

These two grow more or less intertwined in a garden bed. Both flowered at the same time, so I guess there could be a mix of genetics in these seeds. (Acacias are relatively sparse in my neighbourhood, but you never know, could be some other genetics in there too).

Two years, more or less, from sowing to harvesting seed. 

Seeds for trade or giveaway. PM if interested. 



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Since mine flowered in late winter/spring (not summer) -- and my flowers were bright yellow, not pale or cream -- I'm wondering whether these really are A. obtusifolia. One specimen was purchased as a seedling from an entheogenic plants vendor (whose name escapes me), the other was grown by seed I purchased from another online nursery/seed supplier.


A. obtusifolia and A. longifolia are easily confused: https://resources.austplants.com.au/plant/acacia-obtusifolia/. Apparently there is a shrubbier sub-species of A. longifolia, which makes me even more suspicious. 


So, yeah. Some random acacia, I guess. 

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