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Strong Gaba acting-potent relaxing plants

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Has anyone tried very strong acting relaxant plants that have efficacy as much as benzos such as ativan?

What have been the the most potent relaxing plants and how did you use them please.

Thank you.


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It's pretty hard to get efficacy matching benzodiazepines IMO, even if the plant-based options retain some efficacy in treating symptoms. Also, if there's GABAergic tolerance through use of pharmaceutical GABAergics or drinking etc in prior history, most of these can seem comparatively mild/insufficient. Also, I wouldn't even consider relying on them for serious medical conditions eg seizure control


I've in the past tried to rank subjective potency (which considering all my brain has been through shouldn't be taken as representative of normal) of some here as anxiolytics (note: not all GABAergic MoA):

Lemon balm < Lower dose Passiflora < Lower dose skullcap < Zizyphus seed < Hops = Valerian < Oral lavender oil 80-160mg = lower dose kava = low dose CBD < Erythrina mulungu < Higher dose 25g+ Passiflora < CBD 600mg + < Higher dose skullcap < High dose kava.

In general the flavonoid GABAergic plants can seemingly have some decent GABAA mediated  therapeutic effects but often without the abuse potential seen with BZDs eg baicalin


That said, sometimes maintaining efficacy can be challenging with such and I can't say that the flavonoid GABAergics tend to have the "enjoyable" nature of BZDs


There seems to be distinction between seeking actual symptom reduction eg. anxiolysis vs. desiring inebriation that can make people who enjoy GABAergics dismiss some plant options IMO


Then there's things like tetrahydropalmatine which through non-GABAergic mechanisms seems to have potent muscle relaxing activity

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amanita muscaria and the rest of isoxazole amanitas are gabaergics. 


they can be alchemised to be either sedatives or more stimulant but at high doses they are dissociative. 


Tons of new info nowadays about therapeutical properties, including good effects for sleep issues, anxiety and even PTSD.  Beware of dosing!!  I recomment you check out "Amanita science and magic" group in FB 

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