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water/vodka curing

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Some dude i know ended up with a bunch of immature weed(a grey mold and odd whether issue) a while back, not super immature but enough where the smoke was kinda harsh without mixing with tobacco.

He had an idea to make some alcohol tincture kinda thing but only had a small amount of vodka at the time, he mixed little vodka with water assuming there would enough alcohol in the mix to extract all the good stuff. Let about 20gs of decarbed bud matter submersed sit in a jar for a couple days, couple shakes here and there.

Drank have the liquid after that, was nice but more like 1 g than 10.

For some reason he never discarded the bud matter from the extraction attempt and after noticing the mild effect from the tincture fail he dried the bud matter and smoked it.

Apparently it was by far the smoothest smoke he had ever smoked, much lacking the flavor expected but the kick was still there.

The abv of the water/vodka mix would have been about 10-15%, he assumed that this would have been enough to get all the goodies.

What has happened here? enough alcohol to soak up most of the fats,sugars and the like but not most of the thc?

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Good questions. 

I had to jog my memory -- I first heard in the 1980s a method like this: 


(as opposed to cannabis-infused vodka, a more common Internet recipe).

I think diluting the vodka was not the best idea, in your friend's case. 


The only time I've ever had a bottle of vodka, I drank it. Didn't much care to taste it ever again. 

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