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Hello Medical Science

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High All,


Thanks for allowing me to sign up and lurk the servers in cloud land.


I'm mad excited for life... its been fairly difficult and disappointing the last 6-7 years +_+


But!? recently, I started germinating spores I found floating around in the air. Really not sure why I didn't begin the hobby sooner.


Anyways!? its a bit early... I'm going to dribble some sh1t that will probably become irritating and tiresome, if it hasn't already


ahhh... umm.... ahhh...... yeah!? so, I've been chasing money for the last 10-13 years of my working existence... you know... that dumb fxck delusion they try and sell you to keep you locked down in wage slavery? the dream you can own your own home and have a dumb partner and stupid ugly kids? (sorry, no offence, i really wanted all that)


it all failed and only lead to a blackhole opening up and eating everything... instant gratification and self masturbation... complete insanity induced by a love for chemicals and a vampire like thirst for the pleasures of heaven or hell, I didn’t care which. Self destruct mode activated... detonation in fxck knows?? I’m so lucky to have made it through the madness and learn priceless wisdom along the way.

Blah blah… started growing myseeeeeleeeeyum and I noticed a huge improvement in my motivation for life.

Long story short… I’ve given up on chasing money and working for others in the IT industry. I’ve been accepted for a bachelor of medical science and shall begin 2024. I feel like I have the train back on the tracks… but we could get bored, as usual… fxck around and find out, again. Seems to be a patern (though this time I’ve been diagnosed ADHD and am medicated with low dose legal speed)

Thanks for allowing me to dribble sh1t without asking… it feels like I just had a positive meeting with a lovely counsellor from directions, which I just have a good dribble, rant, cry, I dunno? (that what a psychologist is for? Directions are better)

So, the basics with medical science. While learning chemistry, botany and mycology.

Learning and playing around in labs n grow rooms is a lot moar phun than being exploited by fake parasites for pretend fiat currency.

I’ll share some of my lab results shortly.







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hope med science is a more fulfilling path than IT for you


I studied med sci, albeit only partly out of financial motivation. I was disillusioned at the prospects, pay and way of life when I came out the other end. I didn't pursue a career in medical science, and kinda regret wasting years of my youth and money at uni.


If I had my time again I would probs have either not gone to uni or studied something more aligned to my personal interests. i think it's better to try and fail doing what you truly love than compromise and be unsatisfied even if you succeed. 


you can also learn most of what you can learn through uni about chem, botany and mycology independently 

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