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S. recognita success rates?

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Hey folks,


I've been trying to get some Salvia recognita seedlings going for a while with no success. I've managed to get my germination rate to about 20% with scarification, soaking and a warm box. However no matter what I do/ what time of year, I can't get the seedlings to survive more than a few weeks. They just shrivel up and die. Has anyone had any success and what conditions did you keep them under. 


Thanks in advance. 

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I´ve also had low germination rates with Salvia recognita, even with GA3 or cold stratification, but I never really tried to grow it from seed, since I got established plants from Senteurs du Quercy, a french website: Salvia recognita - sauge - plante aromatique, vente en ligne (senteursduquercy.com)

If it´s not ok, to post the link to the sellers website, I will certainly edit it.

Salvia recognita plants seem to like well draining soil and they seem it to like not too moist all the time and can do in full sunlight.

I potted mine in a mix of one third coco coir, one third ordinary garden soil and one third Fibotherm (=broken clay pebbles).

But I guess any other well draining mix would do as well.

Unfortunately I cannot send you any plants, since mine died because of neglection :wacko:

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