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Does anyone know anyone who's died from COVID-19?

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Surely this is the biggest hoax ever pulled on humanity, we now have doctors, vaccine scientists, coroners, and even leaders of countries calling bullshit on this. The Tanzanian president tested a pawpaw for covid and it came up positive FFS.  It's not killing hoards of people like the TV and mainstream radio fakers insist it is, hospitals are empty and doctors(sellouts) and nurses have nothing better to do than post vids of themselves attempting to dance and people all over the planet are posting vids of empty hospitals.


I know a guy who is offering $500 for anyone that knows anyone younger than 70 who's died from coronascam who' had no other co-morbidities. A few have tried but everyone they try to present has had either COPD, diabetes or cardiovascular problems and they were almost dead anyway.


Fuck all this fear, fuck all this bullshit, it's all fake and this fake corporate government is using it as device to steal all your freedoms won by the actions of your forefathers. This is the most tumultuous time in known history do we cower in our beds hoping the corrupt order following mindless badge wearers don't come for us or do we speak up and demand some evidence and accountability?  


From what I can see half the world has Stockholm syndrome and believes this fake corporate "government" is working in our best interests and 75% of the rest are too cowardly to say anything. Wake the fuck up, you're all under house arrest when you've committed no crime and bill goats wants to force an RNA gene therapy on you and your kids (and even take your kids under HR 6666)  which will forever genetically modify you and your offspring because of a fake pandemic that's killed no more than any other seasonal flu.





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Could ask the same question about lotto .....  5 draws a week every week for years and years one would think we would all know plenty of first division winners.


More than a little bit suss

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