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Starting out as a real dummy

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hello all


I am switching from cactus to musbrooms.


Can you recommend a strain, seller, method?


Looking for something simple if possible.


Would love to know the difference/benefit between slides syringe.


Happy with cash or trade if you prefer


Lots of cactus and khat all organically fed from my worm farm.


Thanks all.

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Hi Pie'oh'Pah,


Depends what you want to do. The easiest to grow in my opinion is Oyster mushrooms, they just grow and wont give you much trouble.

Some things you will need are a pressure cooker, jars, bags, substrate (grain and straw), a still air box and a fruiting chamber.


The approach I would suggests is grab a mushroom from a shop, and clone it in a liquid culture. Research online about cloning and liquid culture, there is a ton of info there. You can then do liquid culture to grain, and then grain to straw.


This would be the easiest way to start in my opinion and get you learning the process. Once you get that under your belt, you can go for harder stuff.


The resources that helped me tremendously were MushFarmer on youtube, and also if you can find 'Lets Grow Mushrooms!' series from RR (RogerRabbit) - this is actually a very good resource for beginners.


PM me if you need more help and support and i can walk you through it.



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I've been seeing a bit lately in relation to using store bought pre cooked rice that you put spores or liquid culture into. It's already sterile and hydrated so you get to skip the whole pressure cooking part.


I've never tried it but it could be a good place for a beginner to start also.

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