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The Corroboree

Looking for P. Cubensis Spore print Trade/Buy

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Heya, after a long hiatus both from ethnobotanical gardening and the forums, and a bit of readjustment in my life, it is time to start rebuilding the collection. I have a handful spore prints to trade. Psilocybe Subaerugniosa. And some Agaricus Bisporus prints, also wild. The print P. Sub was taken in 2014 in South Australia, If I remember correctly. I know its nothing special what I am offering, but hoping a generous person will be willing to share something from their collection with a little more viability than my prints may have.     


Just a warning, that although these spores have been in generally dark cool places for the past years, I have moved house twice and variables have changed at times so... Just sayin they may not be the most viable or cleanest. DESPITE that i have not opened them since their creation.


Hope to see some replies soon, thanks everyone! 

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Hey 3rdl,


I hope you don't mind me posting here to say I'm also after a P. Cubensis, or Pan. Cyanescens,  for microscopy purposes.

I was about to make my own thread but I saw yours was right up the top and it seemed silly to make another.

I have some cacti seeds to trade for a print, and/or a few other random seeds, or I can pay.

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