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  1. Hey everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR I have a few rooted cuttings. $5 per fully formed knob for the monstrose Echinopsis Bridgesii, making most of them $10 - 15 $20 Each for the Scopulicolis, 34cm and 35cm tall $10 for the Pachanoi Cuttings between 10cm - 15cm tall Happy to accept haggling/trades on larger purchase for sure I also have these gourd bottles which I have made myself. They are made from Large Birdhouse Gourds, currently these are the only two I have available I thought if anyone was interested it might be here! They are sealed on the interior with pure beeswax and any I sell will come with a little extra wax for any potential repairs that might need to be done in the event of a crack or something. If anyone wants some more info on these please let me know! (I have some gourds that still need to be made into bottles so if these designs aren't really your style and you'd like something, maybe one without a cup and a cork instead, we can talk about getting it done, they take a while to grow and dry so earlier the better) The smaller one on the left is $50 and the one on the right comes with the extra cups (all waxed) and is $80 PM for more info! Thanks for taking the time!
  2. Heya, after a long hiatus both from ethnobotanical gardening and the forums, and a bit of readjustment in my life, it is time to start rebuilding the collection. I have a handful spore prints to trade. Psilocybe Subaerugniosa. And some Agaricus Bisporus prints, also wild. The print P. Sub was taken in 2014 in South Australia, If I remember correctly. I know its nothing special what I am offering, but hoping a generous person will be willing to share something from their collection with a little more viability than my prints may have. Just a warning, that although these spores have been in generally dark cool places for the past years, I have moved house twice and variables have changed at times so... Just sayin they may not be the most viable or cleanest. DESPITE that i have not opened them since their creation. Hope to see some replies soon, thanks everyone!
  3. This is awesome info, ive always wondered about this as I have seen a few around that i know are P. Sub but they do look and behave differently when fruiting for the most part. I kind of thought mayb its just the conditions changing their phenotypes but I wouldnt be surprised if they hybridised or diverged slightly in terms of genetics. There has been suggestion of sub species for some time now! Im always fascinated by the solitary growing glossy and dry yellow to gold capped ones in comparison to the dense colonies of more chocolate-tan coloured ones that tend to be shorter denser and a little slimy to the touch usually.
  4. 3rdI

    Green Friends!

    Hey guys, I recently moved to a new area, and don't really have any friends with common interests in my area. I know this is a thread for trading but I guess, most friendships start by trading! PM me you questions! I have some interesting plants and hobbies, Im sure we will make great friends:)
  5. 3rdI

    cheap cuts for sale

    Id love to get some cuts or pick them up, Im in melb where about you located? Shall i PM you?
  6. 3rdI

    Worm Farm Mycelium spawn

    Pretty sure I IDed it correctly as a Coprinoid mushroom. As I went to check today and found Liquified caps/spores etc. Oh well If anyone wants to see I will upload pics but until then my thread is dead
  7. 3rdI

    Worm Farm Mycelium spawn

    So I put some stalled grain spawn in my worm farm the other day surrounded by straw and other sterilized grains. I checked today to dump some more grains and failed cakes that hadnt grown anything at all, and i found that the myc was growing healthy onto the grains and had spread. Will update with pics soon. Anybody ever try this?
  8. 3rdI

    Worm Farm Mycelium spawn

    Went out to check it today and a little mushroom was growing! I look forward to this becoming a disgusting festering fungi box that can theoretically be spread all around my garden once its all established. I've decided I'll be throwing down pasteurised H-Poop and Straw erry where once this stuff is colonised and just turn my entire garden into a fungi kingdom. So anyone else ever try this or see anyone do something similar? I saw a post on shroomery of a dude who buried all his old spent cakes etc around his garden with some degree of success, it a good way to stretch your dollar if your a budget cultivator (which I most certainly am). Let me know what you guys think? Maybe the spores will eventually fall into the worm urine catcher. Would spores survive in worm urine for long at all? its definitely not pure worm pee as sometimes there a a few unlucky worms who mange to fall in there and drown.
  9. 3rdI

    Who's at EGA?

    Why did i only just see this now! I was there but am home now
  10. 3rdI

    Cheap/simple greenhouse ideas?

    Built this for under $400 from scratch. Windows and locking doors. Its 3m tall x 2.5 x 3
  11. The little cactus has flowered twice in the past 3.5 months. Any ideas people?
  12. 3rdI

    Mimosa hostilis

    Hey guys just a quick question. Why is it at the end of the day in my grow closet, I find my 6 month old mimosa babies all droopy? Is this a sign of a hard days growing? They are watered every few days, as soon as the first few inches are dry. They have been growing steadily since germination so I was just wondering if anybody knows what this is about. Sorry for poor photo quality, my camera cant keep up with the strobe of my HIDs
  13. 3rdI

    Phalaris Propagation and Seeds Available.

    is there enough for me to get in on this? PM'd
  14. 3rdI


    I am going on a plant hunt for a school assignment which requires me to pick 5 plants from the same Family and identify these plant to the species level using keys. I live in SE Melb and was wondering if anyone knows of Solanaceae members I could go out and collect, within driving distance dont think im willing to go further than south gippsland/gippsland. Apparently D. Stramonium or inoxia are out there. I already have a Brugmansia sanguinea which I collected from a neighbour's garden and another brug yet to be identified on the way. Can anyone help me find a few more samples?
  15. 3rdI


    You all missed the second post. Haha it needs to be within one genus, so families such as myrtaceae, poaceae, proteaceae etc cannot be submitted, also need to be identified to species level. However I have another assignment which onky requires me to id the family name of 5 specimens which is easy and your suggestions have been noted. And much appreciated. So where are thise brugmansias?
  16. 3rdI


    Yeah I guess maybe ill have to go for another genus then. Oh well I will still have a B. sanguinea and another brug turned into a nice herbarium
  17. 3rdI


    Could you give me an idea where to look?
  18. 3rdI


    Turns out haha... I have to select one genus and get 6 species! So where were those brugs?
  19. 3rdI


    Thats what im asking for, either native or introduced it doesn't matter. I was just wondering if anyone has seen many Solanaceae near the SE melb area.
  20. 3rdI

    Tabernanthe iboga

    I would love this plant in my collection also! Im thinking of a holiday to the iboga house actually....
  21. 3rdI

    Melbourne sub sightings?

    Checked one of mah patches today with my gf and it looked like some people rather violently picked it, or more likely some ignorant butthead literally kicked a bunch of the mush... crushed rotting mush bits all around. And they would have been mature and ready to pick too :'(
  22. 3rdI

    Melbourne sub sightings?

    Any body spot anything in the suburbs or surrounding towns? Anything in the southeast yet?
  23. 3rdI

    Pscilocybin in Canberra?

    They dont look at all like cubes...
  24. 3rdI

    Melbourne sub sightings?

    I found some. The hunt is on
  25. 3rdI

    Melbourne sub sightings?

    Really I felt 2011 was dope