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The Corroboree

Endless Datura Stramonium

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The local weed population is getting pretty out of hand but i'm sure many people would like to put it to good use! I'll be doing the park a favour by removing it too.

Mainly trading seeds, These will grow so fast you hardly need to buy whole plants. If you want anything else PM me


Will trade for just about anything (Seeds, cuttings, leaves, a nice postcard)! Just gotta be worth the postage ;) PM me!


Australia only (Australia's import laws...)


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Lol, no takers.

One or two seeds is an excellent primer to reduce nausea and increase euphoria when used in conjunction...shame the plant is so stinky.

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I've had a few people PM me, no need to feel sorry for me hahaha

I've heard they do pretty great stuff to nausea but id always be weary taking it, with MAOI especially. :)

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