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The Corroboree

growing lotus

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anyone had experience with growing lotus?  

What's the most important points?  Right now I have 20 seedlings sprouted and plan to grow them in a round plastic tub 1/2 meter in diameter.  

Is plastic ok?

What's the best growing medium? 

Sun conditions?

Water treatment?  Is stale and dirty water ok?

And how and when do I fertilise? 





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I would also be interested, i have tried a few times with poor results
Large and small containers, clayey or sandy bottom, sunny or sheltered ...
The result is always the same, it seems to be all right, the first leaves begin to develop, but when they reach the 5-6 cm start to die ....now the plants are still alive after one year, but have only 2-3 leaves per plant that continue to die and be replaced

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managed to sprout one in a tub of water ... the nelumbo nucifera (big seed) one , I also tried the other small seed nymphaea caerulea but to no avail ...

(small baby food tub in this cocktus pic)



anyhoo, into the aquarium it went :3 all looking good , started to grow pretty quickly for a few days then a blue plec l128-blue-phantom-pleco.jpg

came and ate it - must've tasted great I guess from the amount that was snaffled... 


as far as I got that was...


I say go for the large seed one because it seems easier and has more chance of satisfaction early to give you the oomph to maybe try the smaller seed one ...and scarify that big seed ..,but be super careful not to damage the embryo under the shell ..


or maybe just get both or moar? and try them all at the same time?


my tek was a pickles jar (large) with water that I replaced every day with fresh.. , sometimes I would use aquarium water , sometimes not... with a scarified nelumbo seed ... 


plan was to have one in the aquarium until it grew too big 

and others in pond pots (these 45l pots for growing lillys on patios over here in europe - some of them plug in to the mains and have some kinda filter and heater thing too)


it's the overwintering that seemed the biggest issue over here...

other than that , in a pond in a nice warm climate ; I think they're very easy to keep as far as I've read


and then was fixn to just feed with olde aquarium water... n stuffs..

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