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  1. i need a little help\advice in the seedlings i found an albino tricho, it is a santanensis from mancos, i would be very sorry to lose it, so I'd like to try to graft it the biggest problem is that I can not find pereskiopsis cuttings and the only stock i have available are opuntia indica and some small peruvianus(0.4 cm diameter x 2cm tall) do you think I can have some chance? which of the two might be better? thank you very much
  2. here I am, unfortunately it went wrong....after one day it begins to become red and to dry looking at the picture seems i missed the vessels.... sorry for the quality of the photos, it's the best I could do
  3. i live in a small town in southern europe i tried to contact several nurseries, but it seems impossible to find ....only one had pereskia, but I'm not sure if it's okay (Somewhere I've read that it can cause detachment problems) The albino will be 6-8 weeks old, while the peruvian seedlings have 3-4 months, maybe are they too young? now I have no photos, but i post them as soon as possible for the opuntia, must it be already rooted ? thanks a lot
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    growing lotus

    I would also be interested, i have tried a few times with poor results Large and small containers, clayey or sandy bottom, sunny or sheltered ... The result is always the same, it seems to be all right, the first leaves begin to develop, but when they reach the 5-6 cm start to die ....now the plants are still alive after one year, but have only 2-3 leaves per plant that continue to die and be replaced