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EM-1 microbial innoculant

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In one of Keeper Trout's books he has notes on growing trchocereus in pots. 


He states the following: trout.PNG


Does anyone have experience with EM-1, and what is the scheduling of your inoculation?  

What Keeper Trout provides isn't quite actionable, but I would love to hear from anyone doing this.  


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Just make some lactobacillus serum mate and start with that. You can find some of the photosynthetic bacteria and Yeasts in ponds etc if you want a full em-1 mix. This will get you started and if you were wanting it for bokashi etc it'll ferment and work just as well as the $20 bags of bokashi at bunnings.




i feed the stuff to all my plants, compost piles, drains, sewers and bins etc. works a charm for smells and compost 

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I use Great White as an inoculant with no ill effects. It's not exactly a controlled experiment, though.


I inoculate, generally, whenever I feel like it or once or twice a month during the growing season. Trichos, grafting stock, seedlings.


I imagine you can get the same effects with a rich compost though. If you already have a great microbiome for your plants it may be redundant.

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