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  1. poponon

    EM-1 microbial innoculant

    they've got the ingredients listed here : http://www.teraganix.com/EM-1-Microbial-Inoculant-Microbial-Inoculants-p/1000.htm no mycorrhizae , just LAB, yeast, and 'photosynthetic bacteria' ? Would be interesting to see the results of using this product.
  2. poponon

    How big can lophs get?

    Holy crap. That loph is amazing!! I've gotta get my hands on some of that grafting stock. Also - my first post here. hi everyone. I'm very interested in growing cacti in northern cold climates, and extremely cold hardy cacti. joined the forums because they seem to be some of the most active cacti forums around.