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A Public-Health-Based Vision for the Management and Regulation of Psychedelics.

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Full text: http://www.tandfonline.com.sci-hub.bz/…/02791072.2016.12024…

A Public-Health-Based Vision for the Management and Regulation of Psychedelics.

The Health Officers Council of British Columbia has proposed post-prohibition regulatory models for currently illegal drugs based on public health principles, and this article continues this work by proposing a model for the regulation and management of psychedelics. This article outlines recent research on psychedelic substances and the key determinants of benefit and harm from their use. It then describes a public-health-based model for the regulation of psychedelics, which includes governance, supervision, set and setting controls, youth access, supply control, demand limitation, and evaluation.


"The prohibition and criminalization of certain psychoactive substances generates harmful unintended consequences. As a result, there is growing interest in alternative approaches to drug control. Psychedelic drugs are one class of substances garnering increased attention among scientists, physicians, spiritual leaders, and the general public. These trends warrant discussion in terms of post-prohibition options for regulation and management of activities associated with these substances"


"The increasing interest in psychedelic science, medicine, spirituality, and other related experiences is an important societal development. It coincides with a greater political legitimacy for drug policy reform, including alternative regulatory options. However, psychedelics are not panaceas, and no regulatory framework is flawless, as there will always be some risks and harms associated with any drugs or substances, including foods. The risk/benefit profile of psychedelics necessitates a thoughtful public health approach guided by both experiential and research evidence and anthropological insights in order to minimize the potential harms and maximize the benefits of this unique class of substances. This article provides a framework for the regulation and management of psychedelics based on public health principles, and we hope that it will promote further discussion about this and other regulatory options for all psychoactive substances."

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