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Land to rent to set up Greenhouse?

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So I recently bought a shed frame in order to build a large greenhouse, however the land that I was going to rent in order to set it up fell through.

The frame can be set up in 5 sections, each one 2m long, so whether the land is small or large the dimensions can be one of below:

-Width: 4m
-Height: 3m

-Length: 4-10m

I've looked on Gumtree and posted in other places but no luck. Pretty much just asking if anyone here know's someone or who has a bit of spare land that they'd have a lend of to me :)

I would prefer it to be in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, but North West or North East is also good.

Looking to set up a small nursery so I can propagate some of the tasty cacti specimens that I have :)


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Anyone got anything? Anywhere?

I've heard of some igloos for rent somewhere near Craigiburn but that's it so far...

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I'm sure there'd be agricultural igloos used for cucumbers and peppers etc sitting around empty, but they'd be in the acreage areas that I guess would also be too far...

I'd be hesitant of a lease agreement, sounds like you'll have to lay a slab, set up watering, tanks etc, why not save 10k and try and get a loan through a broker on a small peice of land. I'm sure you and ya mates would utalize it for parties etc too ;)

I've had a few "agreements" to keep plants in land and it never ended pretty for me anyways. The land owner always renigged on the deal in someway causing it to go sour. Unless you sign a commercial agreement you won't be very secure. But then with a comm setup you need cash... So why not finance some land...?


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good advise i think.

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