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Sick project!

one problem I have had with lawn chamomile is that you gotta keep it more on the wet side of life or it will dry out, but that could easily be human error on my part lol.

That sounds awesome!

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lol... to keep me honest :wink: Heres where its at...... :o


shit slows you down in life at times...get through it and get it done.

Plus I wanna think it through..lol

Plan is enough room on a low raised bed for a "daybed", with a high raised bed boxed up on one end for a seat.

Bluestone rock for the walls, soil infill.

I have a heap of seedheads from this season. Anyone know the best way to seperate the seed out?

I am thinking a rub over a metal screen, then do a winnow with a oscillating fan.

Once I get the seed cracking Have no issues producing the unit to cover the grand plan.

Gives me through to the coming summer to fo the walls and get a decent media in and established.


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