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Hey guys,

I took my kids for a walk thought some local markets today & found a little stall selling & huge range of heirloom & organic seeds. I see there are a lot of members here looking for these kind of seeds so I stopped to have a talk to them, I found out they are from to local company's. I grabbed a 2013/14 catalog ( 100+ pages) & am surprised by there range, anyway I thought I would put there info here in case others were interested :).

Eden seeds (Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986)


Select Organic (Certified Organic Seeds)




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I can vouch for Eden Seeds.

For $3.40c for ~220 seeds, The Yellow Eckendorf (Mangel) Beetroot is pretty cool. I haven't ordered this type before but looks pretty cool IMO. (Can grow a tad on the bigger side. Possibly the next SAB giant grow?)

I have also grown their Chioggia Beetroot, which is impressive looking if cooked in the right manner. Same with their White Beetroot, I'm always looking around for something out of the norm lookin', their Watermelon Radish as well as their Spanish Black Radish is a must, and their Green Zebra Tomatoes are tasty!

Although most probably have a general idea but this should also help if you're unsure on what to order, sow and when (kinda related) www.abc.net.au/gardening/vegieguide/

Go, now. Buy some seeds!!


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top stuff jox mang :)

also, if ya weren't already aware of this but i'd say for savvy sabbers most of you would be, Digger's and Heronswood is worth checking out. i bought some Tomatillo's a while back and they sprout their little,sheathed fruits by themselves now.


didn't mean to jump on your wagon Jox, it's just i've bought heaps of stuff from there and they're pretty robust and delicious.


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I have found Eden seed quality to be progressively worse over the last few years- germination rates decreasing. Have been a customer of theirs for 20+ years and I'm switching to our local seed network for all veggie seed

This could be due to vendor storage for Eden seed at the retail end of course, more experimentation definitely needed, but I purchased from at least 3 different local stores

Bought 2 packs Eden seed capsicum, subject to my usual germination in propagation mix semi shade. One germination. Minimal germination for 2 x carrot variety, and nil for of all things, radish

Bought 2 packs random seed from local seed network the other week, 100% germination in one species, too many to count in the other

It's not the money I resent losing on Eden so much as I miss the opportunity to harvest food which should have grown and has grown previously here

Local seed networks are a safer bet for me

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