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Help ID my Tricho! and a random Peres pic I found!


Hey guys!

So I picked up this beauty, a lil over a year ago from home depot as a pachanoi. She was my 2nd cactus. Is she a Peruvianus, a true pachanoi, or a hybrid? I thought she was a hybrid for some time, but I saw a Pachanoi that MS Smith said was a true pach that looked remarkably similar. The odd spinal variation and nudges between areoles. What do you think?




I also found this pic, while trying to find pics of peres in its natural enviroment. I thought its tree-like appearance was quite peculiar, sure wouldn't wanna accidentally bump my head into that! What species is this?


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Posted 02 November 2012 - 09:23 PM

looks pachanoi to me.

Yeah Looks like 'ALF'?

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