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Caged Caapi

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I feel a lot for my Caapi and it is testing my own ethics on keeping things that are alive restrained. The feeling is similar to the one I have towards animals, I will only eat animals that I have killed and I am yet to feel like I can cross that personal boundary. It’s like a caged animal at the moment, trying to break free. There’s a runner coming from the main trunk (if you can call it that due to it’s small size) that found and liked the bamboo trellis I made for it, which it scaled in no time. It’s continued on looking for a taller host to climb, though in the confines of my bathroom, it’s got buckley's chance. It’s like it has now figured that this runner has failed and is now sending out TWO runners from the last know stable point on the bamboo trellis. I haven’t the heart to cut the first runner for some reason. It’s the 1st plant that has made me feel this way. For now I have put a hook in the wall for the main shoot. Who knows, I just might have a Caapi vine climbing all around my bathroom...




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mate i'd run a piece of string from the top of the bamboo, straight up to the top corner of the window, secure it there, then across the top of the window frame(maybe use cup hooks) then she can frame your window though id think she'd want deeper roots if she gets too tall.

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