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Charismatic/ Ritual Breathwork

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ega workshop link

I thought i might start a thread for all those interested in the topic of tuesdays post EGA breathwork workshop- ritual/charismatic breathwork.

this thread would probably also serve well for check in/ exploration of the experience,by attendees, post workshop integration.

The workshop is offered through the ega program by a close friend of mine, and fellow Gestalt student, Gregg Lahood. You can book in for the workshop, and make last minute RSVP's, or enquiries, by emailing Gregg on the email provided below.

Where: CERES Park, The Learning Centre, 8 Lee Street, Brunswick East.

When: Tuesday 7th of December @ 8.30/9.00 am - 6.30-7.00pm

Cost: $80pp, or $65 for EGA ticket holders.

Capacity: 30 places only

Contact: [email protected]

This workshop will model an organic approach to somatic healing, self-creation, and spiritual regeneration which relies almost entirely on the self-generated healing powers of the participant – and the co-creation of a relaxed and sacred environment by the group. Breathwork enables an encounter with the unconscious wounds, early traumas, or accidents that shape the way we relate to our worlds – so we will need both courage and support. Feeling unfelt or unreachable feelings and energies allows us to re-evaluate our experience with more information and enables us re-create our lives from a place of intention.

We work in dyads taking turns to breathe. Each session lasts around 2 hours – so one in the morning and one during the afternoon after lunch and resting. The breathing can and will bring our ‘stuff’ to the surface in the form of a somatic release - we use some client directed bodywork to complete the gestalt/session – if need be. Afterwards it is useful and integrative to draw a symbolic map of your journey and use this creative expression for integration and the sharing circle.

I have for twenty years or more facilitated breathwork groups in Australasia and England and still love it. I trained many years ago with Stanislav Grof in holotropic breathwork but also in primal integration, rebirthing, transpersonal breathwork and gestalt therapy. I was attracted to anything that had to do with bodywork and breathe but also the interface between theatre, ritual and therapy. Over the years I have developed my own way of working which to me means a more embodied, relational style of working with people.

If you wish to know more about me or my work then please visit:

relational spirituality

the secret life of birth

For all booking and equerry’s email: [email protected]

I held a charismatic ritual breathwork weekend at our property on the north coast, with a group of close friends, about three months ago, and was quite surprised at the depth and intensity of experiences and healing that was evoked through the simple act of ceremonial/ritualised group breathing.

I would liken it in part to some of the sacrament oriented ceremonies i have witnessed, however a lot more user friendly and 'accessible'.

Some of my close friends went into states of deep emotional regression/catharsis, at times the space was akin to some kind of group exorcism. However for me, i simply went into a state of deep bliss and a profound sense of wellbeing fell upon me, which lasted for days.

Gregg explained the many archetypes of experience that can be evoked, through Grof's 'peri natal' framework. He also did some bodywork in conjunction with the breathwork.

I think this workshop would be highly beneficial to anyone interested in healing and altered states of consciousness. what strikes me about this work is the accessibility and legality of the work, and how due to its nature, Of being a particiapnt/individual created and controlled healing process, it can be 'stopped' and easily navigated at anytime if the intensity goes beyond the individuals capacities..

I hope to see some of you on tuesday!



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Realise this is an old thread but does anyone have feedback on this? Or any feedback on holotropic Breathwork?


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