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Found 5 results

  1. Pretty interesting pdf. I reckon I've suffered untreated ptsd in the past. Panic attacks. Pretty much the list But seriously most people just try to blunder on and keep going, just like me, so it's nice to see some solutions and explanations all in one space. https://www.bspg.com.au/dam/bsg/product?client=BEYONDBLUE&prodid=BL%2F0762&type=file
  2. Anxiety: A Systematic Review of Neurobiology, Traditional Pharmaceuticals and Novel Alternatives from Medicinal Plants Pathologic anxiety is a disproportional reaction of individuals to anticipation or misinterpretation of a potential danger, which affects individual social and personal life. Despite the advances already accomplished, further studies are still necessary in order to understand the mechanisms involved in anxiety. These may provide more effective and safer treatments to aid in the control of anxiety and improve patient quality of life. In this work, we review the current issue about anxiety disorders, covering general aspects such as basic epidemiology and classification, an overview of the pharmacological treatments employed and the current search for natural anxiolytics. Also, a compilation of data investigating the neurobiology that underlies anxiety disorders and a brief discussion evolving the most usual animal experimental models to study anxiety is presented. DOI: 10.2174/18715273113129990102
  3. Bert&Ernie

    Anxiety and how to combat it!

    For many Including myself Anxiety can be a real bitch. Here is a thread for everyone to put together helpful ways at combating it! I'll start with my anxiety and how it affects me and what i do to help deal with it..... I find it hard to leave the house ( like going to the shops or a pub) without feeling like my stomach is going to implode, Its totally irrational i know because once i get out there everything is fine and the world is beautiful. I also suffer with groups of more than 3 people as i find it impossible to engage with anyone with the fear of being judged or something stupid like that. Alcohol does not help unless i'm so drunk i cant even see plus i don't like drinking that much. I have found codeine to be one of the best things to get me to be social and talkative, also just breathing and remembering how irrational all my feelings are helps a lot too.... I'll try and add some more story's and things i do to help when i can think of them but right now i'm really interested to hear everyone else's issues with anxiety and how they combat it as i find just reading about other peoples anxiety really helps mine... makes it seem less bad somehow. Anyhow thanks for reading! cant wait to here from all you lovely people!!! Love you all!
  4. mindperformer

    Anxiolytics and BZD-active plants

    First of all, herbs against anxiety are always a short-time support and not a sole solution. One must work on it, sometimes with sports, sometimes with meditation. Always think "what's the worst that could happen?". Some anxiolytic herbs (they act on different neurotransmitter-systems): Paeonia lactiflora- root Paeonia moutan- root (very active) Cyperus rotundus- rhizome Corydalis yanhusuo- root (very active) Tilia tomentosa (and other Tilia sp.)- flowers Hypericum perforatum- herb (highly active) Magnolia officinalis- bark Passiflora incarnata- leaves (methanol-extracts are highly active) Salvia miltiorrhiza- root Valeriana wallichii- root Evolvulus alsinoides- herb (very active) Ptychopetalum uncinatum / olacoides- wood Bacopa monnieri- herb Rhodiola rosea- root Erythrina mulungu (highly active) Eriocephalus africanus- herb Marsilea minuta- leaves (also has anti-aggressive activity but acts on Serotonin-receptors) Clerodendrum philippinum syn. C. fragrans- flowers (very active) Abelmoschus moschatus- seeds Mumio (Artsch- and Mineral) Salvia rutilans syn. S. elegans- herb Chondrodendron tomentosum- bark Trichosanthes kirilowii- fruit Albizia julibrissin- leaves, bark and flowers (very active) Clitoria ternatea- leaves (very active) Convolvulus pluricaulis syn. C. microphyllus- leaves (very active) Piper methysticum- root Sceletium tortuosum- herb Some plants with compounds, acting on Benzodiazepine-receptors: Salvia miltiorrhiza- root Perovskia abrotanoides- leaves (contains Miltirone like Salvia miltiorrhiza) Salvia canariensis- herb (Galdosol) Hieracium pilosella- herb Scutellaria laterifolia- herb S. barbata- herb S. baicalensis- herb Hypericum perforatum- herb Cyperus rotundus- rhizome Sesbania grandiflora- flowers Boerhaavia diffusa- herb (Hypoxanthine also regulates cortisol and because of this a stress-regulator) Leptospermum scoparium- leaves and honey (Manuka) Clitoria ternatea- leaves Tilia tomentosa- flowers T. platyphyllos- flowers T. argentea- flowers Scoparia dulcis- herb Paeonia lactiflora- root Paeonia moutan- root Stachytarpheta cayennensis- leaves Clerodendrum philippinum- flowers Hypericum hircinum- herb Rubus brasiliensis ... with actions on other GABA-subtypes: Ziziphus spinosa- seeds Z. jujuba. seeds and fruit Valeriana officinalis- root V. mexicana- root V. celtica- root V. wallichii- root Nardostachys jatamansi- root N. chinensis- root Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra Cissus quadrangularis- stalks Angelica sinensis, polymorpha, pubescens- roots A. dahurica (also acts on GABA-Transaminase) Ligusticum chinense- root Comparison of the binding affinity (IC50) on the Benzodiazepine-receptor: Diazepam… 0,03-0,05 μM (Mindestdosis: 1-2mg) Flurazepam…0,17 μM Amentoflavone… 0,006-0,014 μM –Ki: 0,037 μM (main constituent in Dioon edule) Agathisflavone… Ki: 0,028 μM (Biapigenine) …in Bauhinia vahlii, Rhus pyroides, ... Xenovulene A… 0,04-0.05 μM (in the fungus Acremonium strictum) Mayumbine... 0,076 ± 0,0035 μM (in Rauvolfia vomitoria and Corynanthe mayumbensis) Miltirone…... 0,3 μM (part. agonist. diterpene from Salvia miltiorrhiza; NMDA-R.-Antagonist) Skullcapflavone (Neubaicaleine)…0,36 μM (auch Ki) (a Flavon from Scutellaria baicalensis) Phellopterine… 0,4-0,68 μM ~ 0,36 μM (a part. agonist. Furanocumarine from Angelica dahurica) Hispiduline… 0,8-1 μM –according to other data 1,3 μM Galdosol… 0,8 μM (a diterpenoide from Salvia officinalis and S. canariensis) Chrysine (5,7-Dihydroxyflavone)… 2 μM (in Passiflora- species, Diazepam is only 40x as strong) 5,7-dimethoxyflavone… 2,1 μM (in Manuka respectively Leptospermum scoparium) Wogonine…3-3,6 μM 5-hydroxy-7-methoxy-6-methylflavone... 3,3 μM (in Manuka resp. Leptospermum scop.) Galangine-3-methylether… 3,5 μM (in galgant- resp. Alpinia galanga- root) Isoginkgetine… 4-5 μM (a flavone from Ginkgo) Ginkgetine (Amentoflavone-7,4'-dimethyl ether) … 5 μM (a flavon from Ginkgo) 7-Methoxyrosmanol …7,3 μM Byakangelicol… 8 μM (a furanocumarine from Angelica dahurica) Isoquercetine… 10μM Baicaleine…10,1- 13,1 μM –Ki: 13,1 Imperatorine… 12,3 μM (a part. agonist. furanocumarine from Angelica dahurica and A.sinensis) Oroxyline… 14,6 μM (also Ki) (in Scutellaria baicalensis) Cirsiliol…Ki: 20μM at Typ I- BZD- R. (like Zolpidem and displaces Zolpidem) Tanshinone IIA …20μM (from Salvia miltiorrhiza- root; and also an NMDA-R.-Antagonist) Scutellarine…21 μM Apigenine… 30 μM …according to other data 3 μM (in camomile, parsley and many other herbs) Carnosolic acid… 33 μM Luteoline… 49 μM (in Passiflora incarnata, Scoparia dulcis, among others) Carnosol… 57 μM α-Casozepin… 88μM (in the casein-fraction of cow-milk) Kaempferol… 93μM (Ki) Baicaline…137 μM Cirsiliol…Ki: 200μM Acacetine… 3500μM Obovatol…? Epinepetalactone…? (Nepeta sibthorpii) Actinidine…? Ajmalicine (= Raubasine)…? 6-Methylapigenine…? Cryptotanshinone…? (from Salvia miltiorrhiza- root; and also NMDA-R.-Antagonist) Also very promising are the plant-compounds and endogene neurosteroids Allopregnanolone and Epipregnanolone, which act as very strong anxiolytics on GABA-barbiturate-receptors: Allopregnanolone has strong narcotic, anxiolytic, antidepressive and socialising properties. The sedative action of allopregnanolone through the barbiturate-GABA-receptor was only observed at low doses. High doses cause the opposite, which can create petulance by inhibiting GABA-receptors. Pregnanolones are much safer than barbiturates. Allopregnanolone is found in the south-african plant Xysmalobium undulata (uzara- root), which is also used as sedative The chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) contains a Allopregnanolone-precursor: Progesterone in its leaves: The chaste tree is known as women's herb, but also for men it has healing and potential psychoactive (sedative, anxiolytic) properties. The plant has euphoriant, sedative, anxiolytic, aphrodisiac, antiinflammatory and analgetic actions. The euphoriant action is mediated through dopaminergic diterpenes (rotundifurane, vitetrifoline, viteagnusine A), which also are responsible for aphrodisiac (hypersexuality) actions through agonistic actions on D2/D3- receptors. There was also found a definitive opioid action on mu-receptors. The leaves (not the seeds) contain Progesterone, which is the precursor of the endogene neurosteroid Allopregnanolone in our body, which is the endogene neurotransmitter for the barbiturate-GABA-receptor. The progesterone is active on itself, with anxiolytic actions among others. It is antagonistic on sigma-receptors. The seeds of the chaste tree indirectly enhance endogene progesterone-levels. Women use chaste tree- seeds for hormone-regulation. The iridoids agnuside and aucubine have antiinflammatory, estrogenic and fungicide effects. Allopregnanolone-amplifier: Gelsemium sempervirens ...is really a very dangerous plant, but as always its the dose which decides whether toxic or psychoactive / healing. This climbing, aromatic plant is used in north- and central-america from indigenous peoples as narcotic. At higher doses it can cause hallucinations. The main constituents, gelsemine acts pharmacologically contrary to strychnine and possibly could be used as antidote for it, because gelsemine acts also very potent on the glycine-receptors, but activating, while strychnine is a inhibitor on this receptors. Newer studies reveal an interesting neuropharmacology: The activation of glycine-receptors with very small doses gelsemia-root promote the endogene allopregnanolone- production. http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/19628662 In my experience already a very small dose has pleasant relaxing and definite anxiolytic action. I used one tenth (1/10) of a tincture from safe 0,05g of the dried root. BUT: The use (if at all) is only recommended with greatest precaution. It is really a very dangerous plant!
  5. solomon

    Anxiety/Panic Attacks

    Hey all Last night I experienced the worst panic attack I have ever had (several previous attacks which were horrid but not as bad) Couldn't find a topic searching the forums via google devoted to anxiety/panic attacks and how to deal with them/avoid em so thought I would start one. if people are embarrassed to post their stories about anxiety feel free to PM me and I can post anon. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Last night: Lying in bed much earlier than I'm used to as I started a new job the next day. Thoughts on my mind to do with a recent, fairly smooth breakup with a long term partner, the new job, my health etc..Yes I had a wee smoke earlier in the day. I just got a flood of all my worries and troubles and the feeling that I could never overcome them and the that I have fucked my brains chemistry and my emotions for good with psychedelics. feeling like I can't escape my own head/thoughts and memories, then the fight or flight feeling kicks in and I almost get out of bed and run out of the house.. Luckily I stop myself before I get to the door but have to jump up and down to do something with the energy/need to fucking GO. all the while hyperventilating and moaning. This feels like it's going on forever but the majority of it was probably only a quarter of an hour.. I felt better afterwards but couldn't bring myself to even try and process any of what had happened as I was still getting pangs of anxiety. So I had some ashwagandha and went to bed. Of course now it seems silly and a bit pathetic, as it always does. I know a lot of the stuff I am anxious about is because it is a problem, and the stuff I can't do anything about should be seen as just that. But it's like all reason goes out the door and all I am left with is fear. Like a dark introspective trip on subs. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ When I have felt my anxiety coming up these things have helped: Deep breathing Talking to someone Being in the garden Going for a run/skate/bike other things to occupy your mind. Animals! Obviously things like a healthy diet, regular exercise, good relationships with people, not fogging up your brain with drugs and sleep all play a part too. These topics have relevant info: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30514 http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20460 Would love to hear anyone else talk about dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, or any helpful info. I find hearing how others experience their lives helps me to look at my life from a new perspective.