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  1. I understand the point.

    But in the garden when they were of God, unified, they were the world they inhabited and knew God.

    The knowledge they receive, which casts them as isolated entities, separate from God and nature isn't really that great a liberation.

    They already had the choice to eat the fruit, the serpent wasn't really presenting any great gift.

    I guess rebellion is honorable enough to be it's own reward

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  2. The cartographer is the instrument of power as the author of that order, reducing reality to only two conditions: the map and oblivion. The cartographer’s truth crystallizes the message that Google and all surveillance capitalists must impress upon all humans: if you are not on our map, you do not exist.


    From The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,

    Seemed somewhat related to this thread

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  3. Also, from what I understand about structure of this operation, it's not actually Huan who does the collection, packaging, labelling, shipping etc. 


    I think everybody involved has the best of intentions, but as I said above, it's just a little rustic. If you want these seed it's the only option. 

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