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  1. That is the first of many bills I'm sure. No one thought California would ever be able to pass the medical cannabis bill...and they did. I was in L.A. for a few months working with one of the cannabis laced food suppliers, and I remember catering a party for my business partners foot doctor! There are billboards all over Hollywood for the doctors that issue the med. cards, and cannabis clubs abound. The attitude is that it's already legal. So nothing that happens there would surprise me.
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    Wow your post count is the year I was born! Thanks for the welcome! No, I had a medical card when I lived in California. In time Australia may follow suit once the U.S. has a majority of states that approve the medical use of cannabis. Now that the Federal raids in legal states has ended, there is less argument against it. But time takes time. Especially when talking to walls... I'm very hopeful about the Khat plant, fatigue isn't as easy to ignore as pain. I would like to get a few plants before someone decides it might cause pleasure and outlaws them. I'm just not sure if they can be sent to WA from NSW. Does "no export" mean within the country, or just to orders outside Australia?
  3. I have waited patiently for the opportunity to make this post. I found the site in my search for the Khat plant, and wanted to ask if there would be a problem in sending them to W.A.. I suffer with Fibromyalgia and arthritis which is greatly helped with the use of cannabis as far as pain, but the fatigue is what I would like to find help for. I've been in Australia for almost a year having met my husband though a similar site. I know little to nothing about most of the plants that you have here and it is so refreshing for me to once again be the student rather than the teacher! I'm so very happy to be here! see you all in the forums!