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  1. Love the fly agaric gnome. I saw a lot of those while traveling in Europe in the gardens. Never mind Christmas decorations sporting them. Now, here in the States... not so much. Still, love seeing these little guys when they crop up in the gardens. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 8 hours ago, MeanGreen said:

    Very nice choice Inyan, I grafted one of these from koehres seeds a few months ago and so far it definitely seems true to form, it has permanent spines which are quite hard and not brittle, very fun to touch. Hopefully it'll bloom before the end of the season so we'll see if it has jourdaniana flowers. 




    Did you go with the 4930 or 3185? 

  3. 5 hours ago, MeanGreen said:

    I just sowed the first seeds from the semi cristate, the pod only had 4 seeds in it unfortunately. I will graft every seedling and post some updates, fingers crossed for some freakiness :)


    Freak begets freak. And when to freaks get together the synergy creates a freakishness that most can only dream of. 


    Let the Freaks Come out and Play!


    I'm sure hoping you have saved some pollen for when your variegates open up next as I would love to see cristate x variegated and variegate x cristate.

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