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The Corroboree

L. fricii cv. Kikko degraft from China

These degrafts are so cheap it's insane, I paid 16 euros for this one. On  european ebay I bet it'd fetch over a hundred. Really crazy tubercles on that one, looks like an ariocarpus almost.

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From the album:

MeanGreen's Ethnobotanical Garden

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Very nice specimen. Do you have plans on using any of the pollen from to your other species of Lophophora or such or just content with having one very delectable specimen.

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I definitely hope to cross it with some of my other weird looking lophs. It hasn't flowered for me at the moment though, but I recently removed and grafted a bunch of pups growing on upper areoles. Not sure on the species yet, I assume fricii but the seller never labels his plants.


I ordered what I believe is a cv. Takenaka this week from this same seller, can't wait for it to arrive. A cross between both of these plants with weird turbercles could turn out nice I think.



I also hope to cross it with this other japanese cultivar I've had for a little while, cv. Ooibo Ginkan:


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