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  1. Jatamansi is one of my favourite oils. Just 2 drops, orally. Just saying...
  2. coin

    Ethnobotanicals for Psoriasis

    Wrightia tinctoria, Azadirachta indica, Psoralea corylifolia & Coleus forskohlii might be of interest An autoimmune dietary protocol is probably essential (eliminating dairy, eggs, grains, nightshades, with the possibility of re-introducing them)
  3. Smolke Lab, Stanford, already finished the job in July (glucose -> thebaine, and glucose -> hydrocodone)...they deliberately did not aim for morphine, I suppose for political reasons. They say the yield now has to be increased by 100,000x to be commercially viable & they think they can do it in 3 years.
  4. coin

    Responsible Chai

    uhhhm, you realise "chai" means tea ?? as in black tea leaves...
  5. anyone have seeds for the little pea-sized thai eggplants? or the golf-ball sized ones, white mottled with green (maybe they're unripe at that stage..) ? [ 17. February 2003, 01:59: Message edited by: coin ]
  6. coin

    Sex and drugs :O

    it's all about sensation and ego (performance), so far...(no judgement on that). and i get the impression of a fear of psychedelics.... psychedelics might not directly promote sexuality (ridiculous impressive macho banging) - but ... someone wise helped me understand that the ability to trust and love through vulnerability, really means a whole lot more. i.e. being touched on shrooms......what that could mean... this thread is a lot of uncomfortable male blabber so far, so i'm reluctant to say more
  7. Being quite uneducated myself, could someone please clarify for me, the psych student stereotype?? The only couple of people I know who did psychology, went back to it at a mature age... Yes, I'm just ignoring everything else in this thread...I know this is off topic, but it's already way off track
  8. this is meant to provide a path into advaitic awareness and conveniently also points to some deeply hidden assumptions about questions, language, personhood and information transmittance.
  9. btw - just call me "Sailor Aum[ohm] (S,Ω) || Sailor Om (S,ॐ)" just some bullshit for this seriousness
  10. coin


    Okay ! Awesome, right? I love severe play & serious creativity!!! I hate intoxication or abuse! (not really) You've Erected .. something ?? -- Oh, my!!
  11. why the confusion? thelema became a troll (?) sad that his brain decayed in such a way... (not really) Maybe he's just sad. I've said it before - Thel needs some major hugs. Hugs for your mean egotistical sarcastic sentiment - hugs for your awake at weird AM hours - hugs for your feelings of disconnectedness.
  12. oh yeah...and intellectualised forum-nonsense is no crazy-wisdom...u think u can even try??
  13. coin


    Bob - do you need another time-out, maybe? because fun turns into thoughtless egotism & abuse and then forum-lite delirium ? Your posts are just getting wasted-weird again.
  14. coin

    Herbal Health

    The USA-made New Balance runners are awesome....(sorry, not herbal health)
  15. coin

    Kefir strains

    is strain even the correct term for kefir, given it is a symbiotic colony? (not that I don't understand what you're asking, of course...just curious)
  16. coin

    meditating through pain - how to do this?

    I think Shinzen Young has 1-2 videos where he's working with someone, working with pain - and IIRC, it is all about intensely focusing in to pain, where it becomes deconstructed
  17. coin

    meditating through pain - how to do this?

    IMHO just take an animal derived EPA/DHA concentrate....plenty of people don't metabolize plant based omega-3's very well. If you choose animal-free for ethical/spiritual reasons -- take flax products, or there are now algal-sourced omega 3 concentrate products. if you choose animal-free for health -- at least look at these most bio-available omega 3 products available. Personally I use "Jarrow Epa Dha Balance"
  18. coin

    Herbal Health

    A little late reply, but the oil I bought is Spikenard Green Oil (OE6SPIKGREE)
  19. coin

    meditating through pain - how to do this?

    btw - I can email/snail mail files/audio cd's
  20. coin

    meditating through pain - how to do this?

    To be fair to GP's -- I would like to say this: while it may seem that they have no interest in underlying causes, etc., from my viewpoint where I still see GP's as ppl that really care about their patients' health, who are themselves, constantly frustrated by their own limitations -- I think the reason they don't get in to diet & alternative medications, is because the science/evidence is often lacking, and mostly because they have years of experience of making lifestyle recommendations to patients who just ignore their advice & keep getting sicker & sicker....so they get to a point where they have given up on that, and feel that addressing the problem with medications is a quicker way to get things on track, rather than see a patient arrive in another 6 months with ulcers/gangrene, etc. I sometimes get really tired of the anti-doctor perspective that a lot of ppl have - it's a popular mainstream idea now (that doctors are only in it for the bucks, etc.) - however valid it might seem sometimes. Especially when ppl start going on about big-pharma kick-backs -- as if big-pharma care about community gp's. This rant is a bit off-topic, but just something on my mind...
  21. coin

    meditating through pain - how to do this?

    Hi Anodyne -- to give a quicky reply -- try googling "Shinzen Young pain" You can probably find a torrent of his "Break Through Pain" book/audio book with guided "meditations" (I have downloaded the audio book, so I know that can be found online). Or you could look at/buy the book from Amazon. It seems he also has a (newer) title called "Natural Pain Relief: How to Soothe and Dissolve Physical Pain with Mindfulness" on Amazon, but I'm not familiar with that one....I'll look into it. for an overview: A Synopsis of Shinzen Young’s book Break Through Pain A Pain-Processing Algorithm I have what I would probably call a mild condition (causing pain) & I know how much it affects me -- I really empathise with anyone dealing with 'real' pain...I respect and admire anyone who's dealing & coping with this... I'm sure it might sound trite -- but I do hear many times over that these kind of conditions can be great life-transforming teachers.
  22. look forward to listening to this...I subscribe to quite a few RN podcasts, but would have missed this one.