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  1. Bro, you would be shocked at how much I pruned this summer, it was struggling with hot dry winds.

    Shooting back like crazy. Always give a good feed, worm wee.

    On the otherhand, if yours is thriving....there is no such thing as too much vine.

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  2. For those folks not on FB, here is a recent talk on Acacia DMT in Australia.

    Mainly for my old mate #responsible choice.

    Sorry bro I have been slow in replying to you, i keep putting it off as there is always something new to share.

    Now I have too much to write about. But I will email you soon.




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  3. On 26/04/2019 at 6:26 PM, Sallubrious said:

    Any of the Newcastle crew still around & how did @Horus go with his bionic upgrades?


    Also, I've got a bunch of cactus I need gone, someone can have it for a few beers. I'd prefer someone I know

    Hey Sal, I am brand new, seriously transformed, Id like to get up for a catch up, `and check out your surplus cactus.

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  4. Thats bad.

    Damning evidence.

    Its impossible to police that area, people that fucked, and half cocked could easily destroy the species.

    Someone thinks they are going to make a big batch to flood the doof or festival scene.

    Things have never been the same since DMT became a commodity rather than the sacred spice that was only ever gifted or traded.

    Idiots have no idea of the energies they are fucking with.

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  5. On 02/11/2018 at 11:51 PM, Humbolt said:

    Thanks alot for sharing this Horus.  So interesting and really inspiring.  Im curious, do you feel that plants (eg caapi) adapt or acquire new knowledge in a new setting? Has working with courtii influenced caapi, has the synergy between them grown and developed over time? 



    Crikey Humbolt, I could probably write another essay to answer your inquiries.
    Years ago, the vine and mushrooms used to clash in my mind.
    They sorted it out, but the vine came up trumps. (separate essay)
    The vine has been waiting, honing its magic, till it could come to Australia and blend into new Super Medicines.
    It has taken awhile to acclimatize, the atmosphere, sunlight and vibrational energy are so different.
    Thru Changa mixes it has been exploring Acacia dreaming and tuning into this land that has been primed by tens of thousands of years of ceremony.
    In turn, the Acacia has had to incorporate The Great Amazon Mother into its dreaming, listen to each others spirit songs, preparing for a great New Dreaming.
    I have a psychic partnership with my vine.
    I access Gaia Consciousness thru it and it accesses Human Consciousness and Energetic Form thru me.
    I have always considered the vine No 1.
    So when in my heart I told her....." The Acacia is your equal" she said.
    " Der...what do you think im here for, we are going to take my work here on Earth to new levels."
    They get on just fine in my Central Nervous system, an inter racial marriage.
    The vine has always told the stories of the brews admixture plants, now with the Acacia, the original tree of knowledge, the vine has the richest Spirit Linage to evolve with. Including its history with many ancient civilisations.
    Culture will change with it, For example The Jungle Dieta. Often because Psychotria was not as abundant, and brews traditionally weak in DMT. The diet assisted people get as much out of the medicine. Acacia brews can be that strong, they dont require any other dietary assistance than healthy yeast free to give people a guaranteed breakthrough.
    This whole Brazillian style singing thing, well a good brew, people are lucky to scratch themselves let alone sing. The whole music thing needs to soothe right down to very ambient.
    Sure, Icaros like the one above can be used at the appropriate time, which is when the vine wants to use physical form to create healing vibrations.
    I also acknowledge this is all just my own Personal Dreaming, and I encourage others into deep relationships with their plants to develop their own Stories.
    Its an open book, and we need to step up and write great new stories, from an aspect of respect of both plants country and culture.
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  6. This is great stuff, not sure what it means, but you are very fortunate.

    Our property at Yengo is a bird sanctuary. We love it.

    Its spooky, in 4 years we have never seen a mammal. There are wallabies and wombats on everyone else's farms.

    But just birds, from Powerful Owls to our favorites, the Blue Fairy Wren at our place.

    When running retreats, I can get everyone into the moment, by tuning in to the birdsong.


    Just keep your avian focus, and see where it flows.

    Oh I cant help but tell you where it will lead..........to happiness !!

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  7. I think Im way overdue for my garden pics post.

    It was annual......the way the years are flying it's becoming tri annual.

    Im going well, retired, all fixed (new hip and knee) and have a beautiful farm to keep me busy.

    As well as an "aya [email protected]" to keep me on my toes.


    Its such a shame we cant talk openly about our medicine work. So many secrets.

    For me its evolving exponentially.

    Just when you think you may become complacent, you get a smashing epiphany and go up another level.

    For me The Acacia is really stepping out of the shadowy past and onto the throne of Teacher King.

    It is paying attention. And coming to the fore.

    The Tree of Knowledge will take its rightful place.


    Brotherhood is always strong (yes our couple of sistas too) and life would be much the poorer without you folks.


    The Hawk. Horus.
















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  8. Yeah, took a day to upload, but its not playing propa. oh well, those spirits are still a bit camera shy.


    I recently had my hip joint sawed off, and its buried under my vine.

    So my DNA is in my ayahausca !!  Along with all my old dogs.

    The vine is a complete carnivore, it devours bodies, something that doesent get discussed. 

    Maybe a new thread...."what dead things have you fed your vine". 

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  9. I collect skulls, so I wouldnt want mine wasted on a cremation. 

    I will be buried up the farm so my skull can join my collection.

    Hopefully my yet to be conceived grandson will be a powerful shaman ,called in from the spirit world by my vine,

    and he will have the the balls to dig me up.

    Here is a private (not to be shared video) of me discussing Tibetan bone culture. 




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  10. After this "warm up" there needs to be new thread.......The Adventures of Noobie McSWIMmington .

    As there are still tales of the Muskroooms and Choonga, And the Great Adventure to Mullupmoonby.

    All this could give the Wizards cause to Summon Noobie to perform more deeds in different dimensions, in order to provide more tales ,Tall but True Fictitious Facts.  

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  11. Hey Glaukus, yeah Justice is just crackers.

    Though I try not to buy into the fear of BB looking over my shoulder.

    56 minutes ago, Glaukus said:

    Did Dr Andrew Katelaris get a fair hearing?

    Poor old Dr Pot is in Cessnock jail till a November hearing.

    He should be getting awards, but instead he is getting time.

    Being a healer is Criminal behavior. Australia enforces that plant based natural medicines are a crime.

    So we can be in fear of getting healing too.


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  12. 1 hour ago, Glaukus said:

    but who'd want to test the water?

    The intent is to do deep healing work and integrate with nature, how do you plead ?

    Guilty as charged your honor.

    As a healer Ive been made to operate as an outlaw for years.

    But Judge, for there to be a crime there must be a victim, my actions have only created wellness in the world.

    There are only positive testimonies of my actions.

    Let Justice be done ! Lock him up and destroy his garden!

    Now the world is a better place.

    (hypothetical courtroom scenario )

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  13. Glad I was in the graveyard to welcome Noobie Mcswimmington into the Secret Plant Society.

    Well written account, and I will be happy if the wizards apprentice beats me to the prize.

    So makes the point that the most beneficial medicines and healing modalities are criminal acts.

    To be a healer in our society you need to be an outlaw.  

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  14. Yes votes all round for me.

    I never miss a gathering. 

    The forum is a bit static these days, as most stuff has been discussed.

    And FB has taken over most of the social discussion.

    But the network has evolved to be a bit more social, where we can share things, and talk openly about our experiences that we are still apprehensive about talking about online. 

    Great staunch friends on here to meet.

    Lets get behind this and celebrate how good life is when we have all the magic plants in our gardens.

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  15. To answer your question specifically, yes.

    I had no intention of giving up meat and grog......

    my favorite meal is Malaysian Beef Rendang and I was a whisky connoisseur, I just love everything about it.

    But, after my 2nd deep Iboga session, the plant made me give them both up.

    Total dissociation from any desire for either. 4 and a half years ago.


    The fundamental reason is high vibration.

    The plant wants me to maintain the vibration of the medicine, and meat and grog are too low vibration. 

    Besides better all around good health, (which is what you want from a good medicine).

    I get way more value from my other medicines, a cleaner system for them to work with.


    So, be careful with Iboga, you might just get exactly what you need. Not necessarily what you want.

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  16. On 5/11/2018 at 8:35 AM, DiscoStu said:

    consciousness requires memory and memory is really only present in living things,

    All living things are conscious, aware of their environment, but all except us live in the moment,

    fish have a notorious lack of memory but are still conscious beings.

    My dogs "know" lots of stuff, but they don't know that they know it. So I dont see what memory has to do with it.

    We are possibly continuous consciousness from previous lives, that our current ego denies us memory access to.

    Anyhow all that is part of the unknowable that we must accept . Memory is not important, a distraction actually.


    To live a fulfilled magical life, enriched and expanded with the medicines from the plants, and capable of all our possible potential,

    its best to be open to the concept that everything seen and unseen has an energy vibration that is connected.

    Not an accident, but a plan to create the conditions for life. 

    Dose enough cactus and you will become aware that there is more than just light and heat radiating from the sun.

    There is information of all sorts, forces that created cell division and shaped ALL life. 

    The plan of life is encoded into starlight, and shines thru the known universe.

    Chicken and egg stuff, but if this vibrational energy- light, is evolving planets to produce beings like us, conscious and self aware, 

    then consciousness may be the fundamental essence of everything. And Starlight its pure form.


    Memory is a distraction to awareness. When we want to experience beyond/ more than our self, we tune into the present moment.

    When we are working with the plants, we experience fields of information beyond memory. 

    Plants are conscious, but have no memory. 

    The conscious universe is so huge, with so much happening in each milli-moment ,that the past and the memory of it,

    would need a separate universe for each moment to retain. 

    So there is just the great eternal conscious moment in all its forms.

    Not to be known, but experienced, by being present.

    The great gift of being part of all its joys and horrors.


    The nature of the universe is cold, emotionless and indifferent, everything constantly killing something for its sustenance.

    Everything having cycles of destruction. Just cause its heartless, doesn't mean its not conscious.

    Just as everything in the material world has a particular vibration, ie the particles in diamond vibrating faster than those in sandstone.

    We are created to emit the vibrations that the physical world cannot. 

    It is our job to raise the spectrum of vibration, by creating the higher frequencies of love and compassion.

    This Earth is not fulfilling that, due to the distractions of greed based consumerism, a very "not conscious" paradigm.

    "Loving" a diamond necklace, is not the same vibration as loving a stranger.

    And even if you disagree with my thoughts,

    you would have to agree that more selfless love would make the Universe a more conscious place.


    Oh, I digress, sorry, its too cold to get out of bed. 





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  17. 22 hours ago, Mapacho said:

    How old does my buddy have to be for trimming leaves?

    The dried leaf can be smoked at any age. 

    With most sacred plants, the tradition is to pick the leaves in pairs. I feel it is a way that makes you more mindful about what you are doing.

    The newer growth is good.

    Dry them till they are just crispy.

    Inactive by themselves, but will work as a MOAI and synergies well with cannabis, for a super medicinal smoke.

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