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  1. borris the blade

    E.sinica or similar

    Hey guys! Am after that elusive e.sinica... or other similar genus/family anyone here got some seeds ? let me know! tia .borris
  2. borris the blade

    E.Novo var Novo

    yes plz! :) any update on this @ mr_N1C3
  3. borris the blade

    hoja santa seeds

    hey friends, who has this pretty vine ? am keen on some root beer TIA .borris
  4. borris the blade

    WANTED: sclerotia/truffles/stones

    Hey hey wonderful people, can someone hook old gil up with some sclerotia, am after all kinds, including but not limited to mexicana, tampanensi, dumbledore, nicholas flamel etc ...for microscopy purposes ofcourse let me know! cheers
  5. borris the blade

    Salvia D

    am supa keen on some sally too! willing to trade some trich cuttings, can pay top dolla, can pay in btc, can give foot massage on peanis,,,,... woteva
  6. borris the blade

    Salvia recognita

    as am i, please pm me