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    fantasy rp stuff

    I have always been a bit jealous of people that can emerse themselves in larping,fantasy games and even things like worlds in books. I just can't manage to do it myself. Does anyone know of anything like this that you can just watch/observe and have the experience vicariously through people that that can do it themselves? The closest I have come across was some show called harmon quest.
  2. I feel like i may have asked this before but cant remember the answer or find the post if i did and have done a bit of googling but got no clear answer. Will cathinone trigger a positive result for the amphetamines they test for with the road side swabs?
  3. ZooL


    I have noticed that weed can make getting to sleep much easier but can also make deep sleep/rem sleep somehow less effective at whatever it is doing. I have noticed the same thing with most "sleep aid" things. As in easier to achieve sleep but you gain less from it. I don't think most "sleep aid" things are good in the long run.
  4. ZooL

    Post your track of the day

    I have forgot how to embed vid here
  5. ZooL

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    The nazi regime was all sorts of fucked up but that doesn't mean that anyone opposing them isn't themselves also fucked up in one way or another. In regards to eugenics, I see no inherent issue with it in general but any realistic implementation of it runs into ethical issues strait away. Eg. Two people realising they have some genetic issue that may be passed on to their offspring so choosing to adopt one of the countless already born kids that need love/parents instead is one thing and is not an issue, but the reality of eugenics implementation requires forcing these people to either not breed or to breed with some "desired" comparable partner instead. In reality there is just no way it ethically works. Eugenics as it is fails, there is no way around this, but I think conflating eugenics and "designer babies"eg. and such is an issue in itself. From them moment we built fences we effectively started to separate ourselves from "natural" selection which is itself having issues we shouldnt ignore, any sort of "unnatural" selection has its own ethical issues but so does doing nothing in regard to the "natual" selection we have negated/suppressed.
  6. ZooL

    Chilli b caapi

    Are there any b cappi vars that are better suited to colder climates?
  7. ZooL

    Chilli b caapi

    Thanks, this var is out of stock or not available from the sites I usually get things from but I'll wait till is available and give that a try here.
  8. ZooL

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    The reason I asked this is that I've heard the synthetic stuff that is like the compound in khat but with a meth like tail added will trigger a result for amphetamines. I think I need to find myself a corrupt cop and get my hands on some of their lollipops, is all so hard to find clear Info on this, is it 4 hours or 4 days? Will x y and z trigger a positive. I guess I should just smoke crack and inject heroin to be safe.
  9. I once got an offer to enter some trial for a slow release ketamine capsule thing to be placed in the effected area and was supposed to have no mental effects but was meant to numb that nerve area for a year or so. I never took part as its a back injury issue and have always thought no pain at all there was a bad idea while the issue was still present, i don't wanna be doing more damage and not realise sort of thing. But I do wonder how that trial went.
  10. I am a bit on the fence about how this has all come about so quick with a full 180 from the tga. On the one hand I think mdma and psilocybin are clearly effective treatments for some conditions, aside from the research being clear on this I have seen first hand instances of someone near instantly snapping out of life long religious indoctrination and instances of people addressing childhood abuse they had never spoke about while effected by these. If I have seen these effects in an uncontrolled environment I have no doubt you could use this effectivly in a controlled situation to treat ptsd and other similar conditions where current treatment has failed. But on the other hand I think this "mind medicine" group or whatever they're called that has done most of the lobbying and pushing on this is suss as fuck, any time I have heard them speak to journalists or such their responses to questions are like that of politicians, and i really wonder if they are more concerned about gaining some position where they finacially benifit from distribution than with actually helping people. That and the way this is being set up where this will end up being way above the realistic financial abilities of most people seems to make this almost pointless and designed to fail. I think a far better approach for these and things like weed as a medical tool are just to decriminalise and remove the absurd scheduling first and then address them being used in a medical sense. It shouldn't be necessary to do it that way but the whole war on drugs thing has just made it all so absurd as it is now.
  11. ZooL

    I.d please

    I'm not so good with id's but could be some kind of --(i shouldn't offer possible id if not sure), I have some that look like these poping up in my garden/lawn atm. But as rc says they are definitely not psilocybes.
  12. I had a dream where i packed a garden hose with a medium then boiled the capped and coiled hose in a big drum, then a injected a spore syringe though the hose every so often, then when it had colonized it all i cut the hose up into 20cm ish chunks and used them like seed/starter colony things. Every time i have tried to grow mushrooms from scratch i have always failed and they have become contaminated so ill likely never try out this idea but am curious from any that have done so if this idea even makes and sense or would be useful/practical?
  13. Haven't tried it yet but plan to try it and a more conventional method at same time eventually. I been a bit overwhelmed recently and got a lot going on. Really need to get on top of current things before i start adding new things. But if/when i do try it i will post back here to say how it went.
  14. ZooL

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    I have often seen clearly unwashed poppy seeds in health food shops etc that i assume are a by product from the tassie poppy fields, i dont know much about poppies but have heard the strains grown there for medical stuff can have a really high thebaine content? Seems a dangerous game to play to go for seed tea when you don't know the strains they came from.
  15. I injured my back a few years back and am looking for an alternative to prescription meds, The bad pain isn't constant(usually just an ache) but when it flares up or i aggravate it the only thing i've found to work without taking more than the recommended amounts is Tramadol and the like. I live in a pretty rural area and the major announce is not being able to just zip down to the doc and get a script(is about a 40 min drive and often cant get appointment for days) and was thinking about if there was "hypothetically" something that I could grow myself that i can always have on hand. I have heard that Kratom can be somewhat effective and wondering if anyone has had any experience in regards to it and back/disk pain? I wouldn't expect it to kill the pain like stronger prescription meds do but just wondering if it has a noticeable or near comparable effect.
  16. Are you sure this isn't a cult? also their site doesn't work for me, most of the text is just dashes and lines after it tries to load the font(could just be my sec setting on my browser or something)
  17. Basically tank 1 is just whatever water, maybe is dirty maybe is clean. Tank 2 is distilled water. is there some commercial version of what i am thinking here that i can just buy to save me from building it?
  18. I am moving to a new place next week(will post pics in a week or so) where i plan to make a succulent and cacti garden(with idea i may also breed for seeds and make cuttings for sale around some of the local markets) I intend to erect a few hot/glass houses simulating different environment but also intend to extend the garden there(someone has spent a longggggg time creating it amid nothing but farm pastures) with a cacti and succulent area. The issue here is the frost during winter time, i really don't know much about cacti growing but have heard many cacti will just turn to mush under these conditions so aside from general frost tolerant cacti and succulent i was wondering if people here may have some experience with what may be some frost resistant strains or crosses of Trichocereus?
  19. ZooL

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    I just think it's odd that some people only seem to get all riled up about free speech when someone cops flak after saying racist or homophobic stuff. Is almost like they just want freedom of speech so they are free to say stuff an asshole would say and not suffer any consequences. I mean i'm sure a lot of people are passionate about the ideals behind it but it seems like a lot of people just wanna get loud* and fight about it right after someone gets in shit for saying fucked up stuff that they agree with. Then they just get bored* of it and go back to being a jerk in private.
  20. Should all just collect in the outer drum thing and will need washing out from time to time i guess. Not sure how much there would be or what i would be doing with it. If it was primarily from the rain water(pretty filthy rainwater due to gutters and guinea fowl crap ) it could prob just be mixed into the compost or garden, if was from bore water i assume it would end up being heaps of minerals , prob mainly calcium and magnesium, not sure what i would do with that but don't think it would be good for the garden or compost. The bore water is pretty much drinkable here i think but not so good for the plants or garden.
  21. Yea putting tank 2 lower would mean no need for a pump but since tank 1 is gravity feeding into the thing the i would either need to raise tank one or bury tank two, not having to worry about the pump failing would be good but don't think it would be very practical with the big tanks i got, I can pretty much only gravity feed once without a bunch of construction. The idea for using the water in tank 2 was pretty much to use it as a clean base water, so would still be boiled before use if in food/drink and yea would need some type of additives if it was an always drinking water and to use it with delicate seedlings, but yea the whole leaching thing with distilled water is an issue that i've not really addressed. I had thought of doing it without the panels and element but i cant think of any way to get nearly enough output without that unless it was really big.
  22. Yea i might have just made the term "bobble valve" up, I basically meant like the little valve thing in a toilet that will allow water in until a level is reach then will shut off, the pump would just periodically takes the distilled water that has collected in the center and pumps it into a tank. And yea im looking for an off the grid type setup, if looked at a few still like things but they all seem to be along the lines of distilling and collecting 5-50 litres of water at a time and require your input. i'm basically looking for something that will just run constantly to fill up a several thousand litre tank over time as long as it has input water available and power coming from the panels. It shouldn't need to be super efficient or fast as it should always running without a need to me to do anything.
  23. ZooL

    covid 19 vaccination

    You mind listing whatever beneficial points you think are in there? No offence but clicking on certain kinds of youtube links just results in weeks of strange recommendations/suggestions on the right hand side. Or even embed them the same way halcyon has in this thread, that seems to prevent youtube's algorithm thinking i "chose" to watch them and then spamming similar recommendations.
  24. ZooL

    Digital Identity Bill?

    Some form of digital ID/passport is inevitable IMO, I remember many years ago proposing and discussing such a thing at uni and how it could/would work, my guess is that the aus or any gov that tries to set them up will fail slowly and never really be adopted as commonplace as they will try use it for the own purposes and just do it poorly, and eventually a company like google or apple will set up a global equivalent that will just somehow be adopted and accepted as a standard. Basically just a "log in with google?" but where you and your log in has been certified as an actual unique person and this just expands to take the place of all similar things as it becomes more and more accepted.
  25. ZooL

    covid 19 vaccination

    They are effective vaccines , in fact i think they are up there with the most effective vaccines we make. 60-90% is pretty good in terms of vaccines At what they are if everyone was vaccinated the virus would spread so slow it would prob fizzle out pretty quick and very few(comparatively) would die while that was happening. But the other important* thing vaccines do to make them efficient aside from reducing spread is give YOU pre warning of what to expect when, so if a vaccine is say 70% effective that means that when given the practice targets in the vaccine to people 7 out of 10 people's immune systems would figure and effective way to fight it while the practice targets are present. If your system doesn't learn to fight it efficiently in the time the vaccine is in your systems it means you don't get the benefit of effective antibodies and immune response, you will still get another try when infected with the actual virus, the down side with that try is if your immune system doesn't figure something out quick enough you will start to get sick and if it takes to long after that you may die. It's not perfect but it's the best we got, if you are young and healthy you will most likely recover from getting covid and not being vaccinated, but you will still be be spreading it at a non reduced rate. So basically you will be walking around playing Russian roulette with random people you encounter. If we know we're gonna potentially end up doing that we should really be doing what we can to limit the amount of bullets in the cylinder, even if we can't be guaranteed to remove them all.