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  1. Nubree 5! Very nice of you to do a giveaway! :D
  2. Caster

    Dawson Pasacana x OP

    Very cute
  3. Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone could help me out. I am quite sure it is a pachanoi, but just wanted to make sure it wasn't something else excuse my noobieness
  4. Caster

    Macro or pachanoi?

    Hmmmm. Bugger. I'll have to use it as grafting stock or something, it's still a beautiful plant. How can you tell if its pc or not?
  5. I'm a little unsure of what this is, if anyone could help that would be great I can take more pictures if required. Thanks!
  6. Caster

    Trichocereus or cereus?

    Thank you very much my man, I was hoping it was a Trichocereus - I thought it did look like that but wasnt quite sure! What size do you recommend me report it in? I hadn't really thought about re-potting it, because I'm only new to cacti and just picked this one up very recently. :) I'll mix up some nice 50% coir and 50% potting mix and add a heap of pearlite, hopefully that will be sufficient
  7. Caster

    Youtube vids

  8. Caster

    Post a random picture thread

    That feel when you have a good yawn
  9. Thanks for sharing! I shall listen to this next time i'm driving somewhere haha.
  10. Caster


    Where?! haha
  11. This is the coolest grafting thingo i've ever seen! haha
  12. Caster


    Mother mary cacti version. haha
  13. Caster

    Tasmanian looking to start a garden

    Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for some pereskiopsis and a few cacti. I've got a little collection so far. Would be great to get in contact with some fellow tasmanians
  14. Caster

    Youtube vids

    this is a great podcast, would recommend to everyone.
  15. Planted some T.Peruvian seeds! I will make a thread with updates if they grow haha. Wish me luck ;)
  16. Caster

    predict the next PM and win a loph!

    RIP Australian politics. Cunts fucked.
  17. I bet it is quiet too! Would be weird as all hell to hear a quiet chainsaw lol. Gotta be extra careful, i reckon it would be easy to forget how dangerous they are without all the noise!
  18. Caster

    Growing hemp seed in Aus

    Yes I absolutely agree it is a huge risk, one which I would not take if I knew there was a drug test coming! Maybe I was just lucky, I took a large dose of cbd before this drug test, I assume that sisters products are of good quality and contain very little to no THC, they have to be to allow their importation into Australia/ elsewhere in the world. If anyone is looking to buy some cbd oil etc I would recommend them. You can import them legally.
  19. Caster

    Growing hemp seed in Aus

    I have heard an experience from using a sisters of the valley CBD product and being (randomly) drug tested the same day and it returning false for THC. So it is possible. Unless of course the product claimed to contain cbd but did not, although I think sisters of the valley might be reputable. Not sure.
  20. Caster

    Growing hemp seed in Aus

    I know right, they probably played it down because its such a fucking retarded law. Its like locking up all teachers because a few of them are pedos. Just doesn't make sense. Plant racism. I am surprised I only heard about it through advertisements for hemp food products on TV, which literally said something along the lines of "Australian law has changed and now hemp can be consumed"
  21. Caster

    Growing hemp seed in Aus

    Recently they undid the law which made the use of hemp as a food product illegal, apparently. saw it on TV so it must be true!
  22. Caster

    tabacco seeds

    Can get 100s for under $10 on ebay
  23. Caster

    Work drug testing and driving home.

    Yea cannabis is definitely the worst for lingering in your system. Its an easy choice to give it up if it means losing your job.
  24. Caster

    Work drug testing and driving home.

    I know this is an old thread, but holy fuck. Why should you have to quit something you do in your own time? Does having a job mean they own you during your own personal time too? Its not like you're stoned on the job. Who actually cares what you do in your own time, as long as you're doing the work and not fucked up on the job.
  25. Caster

    Aloe Vera seeds

    I've got cuttings but no seeds