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  1. scobydop

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Potted up a few cuts with revised technique, hopefully I can go away without having rooting plants fall over. The majority of plants shown are well established and on offer at my next market stall. I bought that fat bridgesii as 'Single spine', just noticed some areoles have a second spine emerging haha.
  2. scobydop

    Acacia seed giveaway- all gone/finished thanks.

    Hey mate, I would love to participate and grow out these seeds.
  3. Hey guys, just doing a little advertisement for my first market stall at The Channon markets tomorrow. A wide range of plants for sale, including succulents small to large, a few named clone trichocereus and more. Come check it out and mention the forum for discounts
  4. scobydop

    Start of season cactus giveaway

    Yes but only while supervised in a space with no thick bushes to disappear into I tend to stay close in fear of predatory birds
  5. scobydop

    Start of season cactus giveaway

    We love the generosity and beautiful plants... Feeling lucky Post #4
  6. Just started a blog which will focus on my trichos :)

    1. 2XB


      Coo! looking forward to seeing your collection grow to psycho obsessive levels ;-)