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    cycad seeds

    Collection of plants for sale, cheap prices and deals all must go by june.i have been collecting a variety of plants.The sale is on from may to start of june. also have other plants for salecall or text if interestedbishop crown chillie, in 100L bin had hundreds of chillies this yearacmeniavoilet betonicifolia (native)cycads and from seedsugar canefrangipanismall ivytoad lillywild strawberryliriope X 30giant bird of paradisesmall tree fernsmall elk hornblue fern (phlebodium)natal plum, carissa (native)broms and baby imperial bromsblue fern (phlebodium)red crepe myrtlepennisetum red (from SEED!!!)african violetblood lilly (white flower) (Haemanthus)kalanchoe beharensislogan berryagava small and largeindian basilmother in law toungegeraniums
  2. ibogasales

    strophantus gratus seeds

    Hello, We wish to know if you are interested in seeds of Strophanthusgratus for Strophanthin mother tincture production.Strophanthin is acardiotonic widely used in Europewe have a good quantity to offer.get back to us for more detailsthe seeds are from Cameroon .we have fresh and dried seeds .all our seeds are natural and highquality. we provide a certificate of analysis of our seeds that showtheir high quality.We have many natural herbal plants for the production of homeopathicmedicines .please get back to us and see our catalog We also offer Cactus grandiflorus and a wide variety of Africanmedicinal plant seeds.we have many African medicinal plants and theirseeds .get back for more inquiries
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