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    Aus kratom growing

    Anyone ever had any luck growing kratom at all ?
  2. Hey guys im 23 years old and am currently suffering from a spinal disease that has caused me a lot of chronic pain. I currently take oxy codone 30mg a day, and am sick of it. I have been looking at options and have stumbled upon Kratom, and was wondering if anyone in Australia has any information on it. Has anyone possibly tried it?
  3. @Humboldt thanks mate I really appreciate the support! Okay awesome sounds like it could definitely be a promisable option. Thanks!
  4. I have muscle pain, skeletal pain and nerve pain unfortunately. I have scheuermann's disease, a spinal disease that deforms and degenerates the spine and vertebrae. Damaging nearby nerves and muscles due to bone spur formations.
  5. greenestmachinest

    Kratom for cronic back pain?

    My friend I have a spinal disease that is debilitating. I would also love to try Kratom, if you are looking for more information on it i suggest you watch A leaf of faith on netflix. If you end up trying it PM me please, n vice versa!