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  1. Thanks to @Humboldt's generous giveaway in June I am now returning the love :P


    Up for grabs are 5 packs of possibly 50+ seeds (tiny) for 5 lucky individuals.


    PM your postal details AND comment here - I've had some PM dramas.


    Cheers :)

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  2. Hey mate


    I've used 'Picture This' and found it surprisingly accurate. Although it couldn't ID a few of the main ones I was hoping for! It also give best match and closest match so it helps to narrow down the field.


    The app has 7 days free so you can test it, especially if you only need to ID a few plants.


    Cheers :)

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  3. 8 hours ago, jo myco said:

    Hey all, I’ve been looking for some time with no luck for Brugmansia cuttings, is there anyone that can help out?

    im around SEQ.


    Hey mate, there are a few places online selling various Brugs. Are you looking for a particular variety?


    I have 2x Golden Lion and 1x Pink Panther - approx 20-30cm with good roots. Let me know if keen.


    Cheers :)

  4. Haha, yeah well worth it. Mine is actually probs 3m telescopic type from Aldi. Good for cutting vines and banana leaves etc.


    My plant flowered in the 3rd year from seed but not many flowers. Hoping this year will be better! Definitely likes hot weather.


    You may have more luck with Rivea corymbosa - heaps of flowers on that :lol:


    I got seed, if you want some lemme know.



  5. Anyone had contact with Misko in the last week?


    Hate doing this but, out of concern for this great little community, I would recommend not doing any deals until my package has been received. It is overdue and I have waited five days for a tracking number - or any sort of response from Misko.


    I really hope all is well, and there is a plausible explanation.





  6. Welcome back :)


    Mine did the same thing last year. I pruned with really long (2m?) pruner then pulled some vines down, and re-positioned them. Very tough, I was swinging on them :P


    One plant I cut right back to the main chunky stem, just leaving a couple of green shoots. This year it has regrown like crazy.


    Good luck!

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