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  1. khhaven

    TPM x TP Graft

    Thanks Zelly I was actually thinking of burying it that trich actually has a root striking out dunno if you can see it in this pic though. I've just been kind of neglectful and been letting everything be grown by the sun and rain probably get to repotting everything that needs it in the next few weeks.
  2. khhaven

    TPM x TP Graft

    Here's an update idk how to fix the orientation on this site so not gonna try
  3. khhaven

    TPM x TP Graft

    Update on TPMxTP graft I think it's progressing nice
  4. khhaven

    SS01xSS02 Cresting

    Has anyone seen this before? A cresting SS01xSS02 I've never seen one before so I'm really excited :D
  5. khhaven

    Germinating Caapi

    The best way I found to germinate caapi is to plant it seal it and forget about it and check every once in a while.
  6. khhaven

    TPM x TP Graft

    Updated Pic on top
  7. Cool I kinda thought so but really wasn't sure I'll pick them once the sun comes out Thanks!
  8. So this is my Banisteriopsis Caapi Cielo var. it's starting to get nice and thick and a P. Alba plant that has berries and does anyone know when I should pick the berries? Banisteriopsis Caapi Cielo: P. Alba Berries:
  9. khhaven

    TPM x TP Graft

  10. khhaven

    TPM x TP Graft

    Thanks Y'all :D I'll definetly keep this updated with photos as it grow's as well as my other posts :D
  11. khhaven

    TPM x TP Graft

    So here is a graft I did a while ago I think it's been more than a month now actually but I'm really happy. This is my first graft to take to sooo Yay! Before: After: Update 12/9/2015: Update 1/16/2016:
  12. khhaven

    TPM seedlings

    I separated them all and I brushed the roots mostly clean easier to re-pot that way for me. The soil was loose enough that I could just pull them up but anyways I have 109 tpmXtp seedlings :D and 1 that I tore the roots off accidentally so I tried grafting it to see if it'll take 1st time grafting too....I usually use toothpicks or a metal chopstick I got lol haven't done the tpXtpm yet
  13. khhaven

    TPM seedlings

    should I re-pot these to give them more space to grow?