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  1. The Entheogenic Garden was one of the highlights for me for sure...just a great panel of speakers and fascinating conversation
  2. Flux

    The Shaman & The Scientist - Sydney

    Thanks Ronny, Also as the first APS-Sydney event for 2019, it will be a good opportunity for new members to meet the community and for everyone to hear about the other exciting events we have planned for the year. Also commenting to bump this post
  3. Flux

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    Anyone in Sydney able to offer something similar ? ..we would love to host such an event through The Sydney Psychedelic Society
  4. Flux

    a. simplex wanted

    Could try taking a cutting...not sure how well that would go though and would need to do a bit of research
  5. Flux

    All sold! Cactus packs for sale...

    I'm keen on the 2x Psycho0 x TPM
  6. Flux

    cactus sale

    gorgeous specimens...have you anything left ?
  7. Flux

    tabernanthe iboga seed

    hmmmm...ICERS state this: "Iboga thrives naturally in environments with warm temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, high ambient humidity and partial shade. The plant will survive for at least a few months in low humidity, but it may slow down and stop growing." Apr 9, 2015 ICEERS Notes about Iboga Cultivation - Puzzle Piece! http://www.puzzlepiece.org/ibogaine/files/notes_for_iboga_cultivation_-_ICEERS_iboga_sustainability_list_-_v1_-_150415.pdf So....... if they can be done around 20 or above, I'd love to give it a go...will PM with trade offer ?
  8. Hi Folks, Wondering who our local Sydney mycologists are (amateur, professional or otherwise). The Sydney chapter of Australian Psychedelic Society are looking for someone to speak at an upcoming event to celebrate 920 – Global Magic Mushroom Day. Just a general overview of the Psilocybe species that can be found in NSW, their habitat, identification tips, ecological significance, etc. Please message us directly at the Australian psychedelic Society-Sydney Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219138845245639/ cheers, Flux
  9. Flux

    Advice for a Short Visit DownUnder?

    also you might like to sign up to The Australian Psychedelic Society newsletter for events that may be on, in the areas you're in, when you are there: https://www.psychedelicsociety.org.au/
  10. Great little gift from my friend Peter at Shelfrespect Booksellers . It has an extensive listing of many species that I was hitherto unaware of that appear to have similar morphology to those in the 'Longifolia family' that so frequently attract our attention such as; A. Aulacarpa, A. Blakeii, A. Cheelii, A. Dallachiana A. Doratoxylon, A. Glaucescens, A. Orites A. Subtilinervis It may well be the case also, that these names are no longer taxonomically accurate but can anyone tell me more about their tryptamine content?
  11. Not much info about Acacia Orites which is often referred to as being 'closely related to Acacia Courtii'...and also micro-endemic to NNSW/QLD. Very keen to find out more about this one for obvious reasons
  12. try this: https://apps.lucidcentral.org/wattle/identify/key.html
  13. Flux

    hey bro - Jef (as you can tell from my pic). A guy wants 4-6 rotted Mitraygnas, so I'll drop him your profile into the message and get him to contact you  

  14. The small white tubular flowers look promising....but nor familiar with a species that has these large flat seed pods
  15. A very beautiful, interesting and seemingly rare acacia... anyone got seeds or know anyone growing it successfully ? cheers
  16. Flux

    Mimosa Hostilis seeds

    ...I'm also interested in Mimosa seed at some point soon , cheers
  17. Flux

    Olivetol group buy

    I've read that its a "a precursor in various syntheses of tetrahydrocannabinol" would this not raise flag importing it into Oz ?
  18. Flux

    My wish list

    everybody want that CSD
  19. Flux

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Sounds great Reptyle...I think we spoke at the last APS event about using the garden as a place to gather, so super keen to check it out
  20. Flux

    Salvia leaf deformation

    Hi all, Now and then I have noticed certain leaves of Salvia D plants growing darker, curled, dense and crumpled. Some cursory research suggest aphids...which is possible as the odd one has been spotted. Yet, side by side some plants are perfectly healthy while other exhibit this deformation ? Does anyone have any answers here and/or potential remedies? Attached are 2 photos of individually potted plants sitting side by side (this also occurs in the garden bed as well) cheers, Flux
  21. Flux

    Salvia leaf deformation

    Prettty sure, those white eggs are white flies though
  22. Flux

    Salvia leaf deformation

    Yeh, I'd been picking off little white (1mm long kinda oval-shaped) things...but didn't see any on the munted leaves, only on the normal ones?
  23. Flux

    Salvia leaf deformation

    neem oil? I can't see any critters on the leaves ...soil mites ?
  24. got some Subaeruginosa prints I'd love to trade for GT's