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  1. Tulsi Lover 108

    Buccal Leonotis Leonurus

    This is very intriguing, I'm currently growing some Leonotis nepetifolia (or maybe its another variant that's not leonuris) that seeded itself while I was away travelling for a year. It's got tons of huge leaves but the flowers are only just now starting to grow, so I'm tempted to try a handful of leaves. I tried to chew on one leaf the other day, but it was so vegetal and bitter that I didn't think it would be worth it. It'd be great to find a good use for the leaves, since I'm still waiting on some flowers and there's tons of leaf matter. Sidenote: Anyone have any experience re the differences between buccal/oral consumption of different Leonotis varieties? I managed to get some leonuris seeds a while back but just haven't had the time to plant them so I can do a side-by-side comparison.
  2. Tulsi Lover 108

    Smells and tastes like weed, but what is it?

    Interesting, I have motherwort (and calea z) in a dream pillow but I never really thought it smelt like ganja...
  3. Tulsi Lover 108

    Sad Cathas spidermites still my problem???

    Ive always had pretty good results using flowers of sulfur to combat red spider mites. Not too sure if this works equally well for broadmites but the sulfur is super gentle so no harm trying it. I mainly grow Tulsi and she's super sensitive - sometimes neem oil burns her, but she has no problems with the sulfur. I've also heard increasing the humidity can help too, because they multiply like mad in hot and dry conditions