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  1. Massner


    Hey Mate, i just use a lid with a very small hole then put a double layer of alfoil over the top. I have never worried about using anything else and have never had any issues - touch wood.
  2. Massner

    Noob question: Contam?

    If you have a hole exposed and no filter on it you are in trouble - contam City...... Put a bit of micro pore tape over the hole ASAP
  3. I have shit eyes and not the best photo, isolate it out of your house / shed wherever you have the other jars and give it a few days and you should get a better idea. You should go to pint jars and then do outdoor or bulk monos, heaps easier.
  4. Massner

    Popcorn method

    Nah the DE keeps weasels and shit out of the grain when in storage before you buy it, if it was not in there wheavils and other bugs would eat it and fuck it. Once you put the grain in the jars the preasure cooker then kills any spores such as mould and it is sterile so nothing will grow in it. You then add mushroom spores, Liquid culture or whatever you are useing and off it goes and colonises the jar.
  5. Massner

    Popcorn method

    I should have added the DE is added to the grain before you buy it so grain can be stored, my lat post is a bit fucked up. Does that make sense?
  6. Massner

    Popcorn method

    The Diatomaceous Earth is used in grain to keep weaves and shit out of it, it is super tiny particles that are sharp and cut any really small organisms and it kills the fuckers. It is used instead of fungicides. Gypsum is used as an additive to get bigger yields and bigger mushrooms. Use to much gypsum and your substrate will go as hard as concrete - go easy on it. Two totally different animals, DE is used for growing pot as well to fuck up pests instead of using miteicieds which keeps it organic if you are going for organic buds.
  7. Massner

    Popcorn method

    Also Liquid Culture cops some flack for some reason but it is great stuff to make and use especially if you plan on doing a lot.
  8. Massner

    Popcorn method

    Saw the comment ref brown rice flower, one thing I can tell you as a fact as I have done it side by side is that if you get brown rice and make it into flower it produces much better results than using the organic brown rice flour from a shop. You can REALLY tell the difference between them.
  9. Massner

    looking for Guinea pigs to test a herbal smoke mix

    I thought you actually wanted the furry little animal guinea pigs and I thought that is just so uncool....... Then I just realised you wanted people after reading a few posts lol.
  10. Massner

    What's the most depraved thing you have ever done?

    Taking a poo in a solicitors office? Does that count? She was a rude stuck up biatch who annoyed me, I was thinking of filling two 9 ltr buckets full of poo and pee and letting it sit for a few days first then going back and sprit zing her office from the top down but ...... Well it just did not work out like that but the thought is still there. If anyone wants to use it they can.
  11. Massner

    Popcorn method

    With your grains you want the stuff treated with Damascus earth and you won't have problems. Wheat and a few other grains have a tendency to "stick" or clump which is why people seem to stick to Rye or white millet. Stick to the basics and do not try and get all fancy and shit find something that someone has done with success and do the same thing. In my experience Millet produces better flushes and bigger mushrooms than Rye but rye seems to colonise a little faster than millet.
  12. Massner

    Noob question: Contam?

    A bit of advice for you - stick to one strain / print and get that right then move forward from there.
  13. Massner

    Popcorn method

    You will do better with white millet, it is cheaper and gives higher yields. I like rye but it is more expensive and harder to get hold of. There is actually a shortage of white millet at the moment..... It is still around as it is used in bird seed mix but more expensive than what it was. Popcorn is like 80s retro.
  14. Massner

    Nimbin shop owners raided today. Sep 11, 2014

    I was reading your post about being to stoned to find hungry jacks and I though "WTF there is hungry Jacks in Nimbin? I have never seen it........then I read the rest of your post
  15. Massner

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hey fellas just found this thread, can a newbie (to the forum) come along?