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  1. I agree that the red fleshed ones blow the white fleshed ones out of the water. American Beauty (pink) is supposed to be one of the sweetest but mine hasn't bloomed yet so I haven't taste-tested. Other red types can have like a grape-kiwi flavor but the only white ones I've had were bland and flavorless sweet goop... Though I think they also were all way over ripened. Are the customs/import laws really that strict that they wouldn't allow a cutting through? Related to invasive species/prevention against them? If I recall correctly, DF doesn't come true to seed. Creating new varieties with decent taste isn't the easiest because even seeds from the same fruit have such variation in quality of fruit they'll eventually produce. (I only read part of the thread I realize so all this may have been said)
  2. Ugh, just what the working force needs... Not surprised though. I used to live in Boulder, CO, the hippy-stronghold of the oh-so-open-minded Colorado (ha, yeah right). Sure, people like to smoke pot there, but many, possibly a majority (most CU students excluded of course ;) and a chunk of Denverites) still have VERY conservative views on essentially everything else. Kind of the 'drugs are bad! Except MJ, because God made that glorious plant!' mentality (also is part of the "Bible Belt", which adds to that abrasiveness towards substances). Anyway, in my time there and working different jobs, literally every single place I applied or worked drug-tested. For everything. Employers there took it very seriously too, often without notice and of course, with supervision. Needless to say, that shit sucks. In contrast with California, where having worked and applied to an even larger number of companies, I've never once even seen a drug test. Funny how that works. While the test would be a huge breech of privacy (nothing new in the states), I'm sure if anyone were to take the issue to court, a court would rule in favor of the business having a right to know what chemicals are in a prospective employee's system, or some BS like that. (Side note, it was legal there since early 2013/late-2012, I think just over 30 days after it passed, arrests were no longer made and you could use it openly, just not buy it legally unless prescribed) Oh my god shout out to Cheeba Chews as well, those things are so tasty and obliterate you. Damn, I miss em, lol.
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    catha edulis red caramel tip

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous!