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    Virolador and The Lightening Tree

    Time spent getting ripped off trying to germinate dead seeds from ethnocuntes and portuguese peyote stealers while hunting worldwide for years much to no avail for the Lightening tree attempt at using the olde toad tank as a Virolador ... However , one fine day a lone supplier of integrity existed and thus; the project finally got somewhere in the darkest depths of the amazon rainforest box :3
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    Yukutlan (RFB)

    rainforest grow box -even has it's own colony of tropical macroscopic Pheidole ants from Florida... as lovely as it is though, it cannot maintain 30C like its sold to do ; the only time it can is when the surrounding ambient temps in the conservatory hit 36C and above... however the addition of a waterproof heatmat beneath it in the meantime has permitted temps of 32C in november along with a PC fan over the LED lights which will all contribute to the heat now.. all in all makes small scale rainforesty type stuffs a lot easier to grow
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    Virola surinamensis feb 2020.jpg

    From the album: Yukutlan (RFB)

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    Watch this space

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    Growing Virola !! - or trying to find the way through the jokers and thieves .. : Mission Lightening Tree, The hunt for "Red" Otoba

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    Quotes of the day.

    there will always, be folks who seem to think they know what others should or should not do, but remember it is your life to live, not others to live your life for you, so be yourself no matter what others think
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    Canada Now Has Psilocybin Dispensaries!

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    usa gna legalize mj nationally? say yesssss! :)

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    Post your track of the day

    The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: undefined. wierd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtUmdsEdiGI
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    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    this fatty bastula here for getting fat enough for clothing and apparel and a dreadlock ... all in just a few years
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    Share your dreams (the sleeping kind, not the "I want a pony" kind)

    Finally after 3 and a half decades of recurring nightmares over the torture endured from the abusive narco colonial boomer parent and the torture of watching my own kids have to endure her immaturity and hate , .... ultimately to their bitter end too mother nature finally placed a fucking stick in my hand and oh boy did I finally hit my olde bitch back ... haha wow that kinda retribution I dnno if I can call a nightmare this time but hey why not? .. was hardly pleasurable until she got a taste of the own medicine for 5 seconds ... at which point while remembering back after waking it was almost a flash of the extatic! ...maybe I can lucid dream a rocket launcher next time save getting hit by the fecal matter and the rubbish she likes to empty over people while they're ill and at their most vulnerable? let's hope so :3 ... bout time that olde piece of shit got a taste of justice and true equality.
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