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  1. asparrow

    Meet up: Perth

    Aww man, I wish. I'll be down south working that weekend sad to miss out on the chance to score one of those babies
  2. asparrow

    [PERTH] Acacia acuminata tip run

    Hey Gimli, hate to ask again but anything coming up soon? Or not til end of year
  3. asparrow

    Acacia Acuminata cuttings in Perth?

    Title says it all, just looking for a good source of fresh cuttings as not had much luck with Gumtree freezer bags.
  4. asparrow

    Echinocactus grusonii seed giveaway

    Yes please Gimli!
  5. Thanks Gimli, sorry for the late reply - been flat out with work but free to garden now. Pushing my luck, but are these still available? Otherwise I reckon I'll keep an eye out for future Perth meets/swaps
  6. asparrow

    [PERTH] Acacia acuminata tip run

    Hey Gimli, any tip runs coming up? I've just planted a few babies but would love to try my luck with a small amount of cuttings while I wait in the meantime
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to get into the world of ethnobotany but living in Perth I'm unable to order seeds etc. from interstate. Is there anyone in Perth selling Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, or other interesting seedlings/seeds/cuttings? Thanks for your help!