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  1. omnilucident

    Sub prints wanted, eventually

    Seconding this, also keen for some sub prints ASAP.
  2. Hi mate, I would love some Ashwagandha seeds and any Romanesco broccoli if still available!

  3. omnilucident

    Acacia giveaway #1

    Hey mate, I am keen. will pm my address
  4. Hi all, I spent the day driving around near the towns of Moora and Dandaragan (W.A) picking seeds off of various local acacia species. I've tried my hand at identifying them, but as they're not in flower currently, it's pretty difficult. Anyone's input would be greatly appreciated, and if you need any specific photos/measurements to help identify, let me know as I can take more photos in the coming weeks. I'll be giving away around 10 or so seed packs with mostly specimen A, less of specimen B and a few seeds of Specimen C (trees produced little seed). I'll also be giving away 20 or so Acacia Acuminata (broad phyllode) seed packs once Gimli has finished his giveaway, and i'm happy to send these internationally to those who may have missed out. I'm happy to send these out for nothing, but I would appreciate any seeds in return (vegetables, fruit, natives, medicinal, magical, whatever) as I'm moving into a new place this year with a larger garden. Specimen A: Specimen B: Specimen C:
  5. omnilucident

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    They do have the distinctive smell, i tore some bark off a recently toppled tree and gave it a whiff. Looks to be the same stuff except almost all the trees up here have some kind of parasitic growing through parts of them. I'll post photos in a separate giveaway thread with some unidentified local acacias that i'm hoping someone can help me identify.
  6. omnilucident

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Hey @Gimli Do you have any photos of your trees? I've been out picking seeds today up near Moora and while I'm pretty sure they're broad variety, the phyllodes are much longer and thicker than the ones down around York. Also curious as to your harvest method. I've just gotten maybe 500-750 seeds and had to painstakingly split each pod and rub my nail down them to disconnect every seed. I imagine your using a sieve of some variety.
  7. omnilucident

    Khat and Kratom seeds

    Also looking for Kratom seeds, but I'm based in Vic, AU.
  8. omnilucident

    looking for M. Speciosa

    looking for any form of this exotic plant, though cuttings would be preferable.
  9. omnilucident

    Overpushing Lophs

    Hi, i'm just about to finally start grafting lophs onto peres and am pretty keen to experiment with soil-less growing mediums for the peres. I've heard of "golf balls" from huge water uptake, but I was wondering if anyone would share their own experiences of pushing the growth too fast, including possibly some photos of what to look out for?
  10. omnilucident

    LF: Erythroxylum

    I understand my post count is low, but i've been around on these forums for a reasonably long time, if you look back through my history you'll see i've done some giveaways in the past. Very keen to find some viable seeds/cuttings, please PM if you're willing. -Omni
  11. omnilucident

    subaeruginosa prints for microscopy only.

    Happily received! Thanks a bunch spooge.
  12. Looking for p. subaeroginosa prints for microscopy purposes. Eastern states variety only, not W.A variety.
  13. omnilucident

    looking for sub prints (for microscopy purposes)

    On this note, I've just moved to Melbourne from W.A, could anyone give me a PM on some pointers for finding edibles? Going on a trip out to Dandenong/Belgrave area this weekend.
  14. omnilucident

    Acacia ID (York, W.A)

    I only experiment with bark of dead trees and fresh phyllodes/twigs. Thankyou for your help!
  15. hey guys, i was wandering around a small reserve today and identified three distinct acacia variants. I believe they could all be Acuminatas due to their geolocation (York, W.A), due to them displaying a curve/hook on the end of phyllode, and due to the fact that they all are developing or showing rod-shaped flowers. The problem is I really can't tell which is which subspecies...please help. Specimen 1: My guess is Acacia Acuminata Typical Variant (though has very long phyllodes). Specimen 2: My guess is Acacia Acuminata Typical Variant also but some differed version. Does also suit Small Seed Variant but is way out of habitat. Specimen 3: I don't really have a clue...I've never seen a narrow phyllode in person, so can't tell how narrow they get. Looks like a Burkitti but again is way out of habitat. Though this plant and one neighbor were the only ones of this species for kms, and were the only acacias around flowering. -omni 20170622_202227.jpg 20170622_202255.jpg
  16. omnilucident

    Acacia ID (York, W.A)

    Thankyou cristop!, i think A. jibberdingensis. is spot on! Does that mean there is just the Acuminata species with various sizes of phyllodes? The first two specimens i showed were quite distinct from one another in habitat, and there were large monopopulations of each type. Considering you seem to be aware of such things, have you noticed tremendous difference in alkaloid content between those considered narrow and those considered broad?
  17. omnilucident

    Loph pup sale

    Could you give some measurements?
  18. omnilucident

    Too late to plant cuttings?

    I bought 8m of pachanoi and have cut it up into 30-40cm chunks which are well calloused. Is it too late in summer/autumn to pot and plant these in Perth? Concerned about rot... I'm very new to this.
  19. omnilucident

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    could anyone sell me a pereskiopsis cutting in Perth/W.A?
  20. omnilucident


    Will pay top $$ for viable iboga fruit/seed.
  21. Hi, I'm based in Vic Park, W.A so keep that in mind for postage. Would definitely prefer local. Looking for: ibogaine seeds/seedlings. Caapi seeds/Seedlings. Loph seeds/seedlings/fully grown. Cube prints for microscopy.
  22. omnilucident

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Looking for loph seedlings/seeds/whatever locally. Also any caapi or ibogaine plants as my caapi pot plant got wiped out in a hard day of sun :'(
  23. omnilucident

    N. Rustica Giveaway

    Hello friends. I know this is an extremely common species around here, but as it is the first seed I have ever sewn from my own plants, I'd like to give away some here. Nicotinia Rustica (100-200 seeds per pack) 10x packs available. International/Domestic (Australia) welcome. Please leave a post in this thread with the your pack number (1-10) and PM me your address through onetimesecret.com for added security. I should be posting them out in the next 2 weeks or so. -omni
  24. omnilucident

    N. Rustica Giveaway

    3 more packs available!
  25. omnilucident

    N. Rustica Giveaway

    Sure can botanist, and sorry to everyone in this thread for over a month of delays, sending out today finally