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    Paradeyes x Psycho0 seeds

    Has anyone started this cross yet? I was given some by interbeing, the awesome generous SABer he is. Several weeks ago I sowed this cross and the reverse, also about 10+ other crosses of Trichocereus. Everything had great germ rates except the cross in question the reverse cross had something like 98% germ rate. I the pot they we sown in cycle for two weeks in the bag. Then I removed and let dry out for about two weeks and it went back in the bag and was moistened again. I'm on my third run like this and still nothing........ Anyone else had better luck than I??......
  2. Just figured for the lot of us that are in the states could have our own thread for trading/selling items that we couldn't send OS. I've got nothing on offer at the moment, but will have some Tricho seedlings in the next couple months. And various other ethnos as the season progresses. I'll update as I have things come available. Feel free to post up offers Peace, EG85
  3. EthnoGuy85

    North America Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

    Sabry pm me If you're still interested I think I've some lying around I could send ya.
  4. EthnoGuy85

    pachanoi.. PC or Fields?

    Looks like a true pachanoi to me.
  5. EthnoGuy85

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    3-4 month old baby Tricho's and 5 month lopho's adapting to eastern exposure sun for a couple weeks. Before going outside into the real world
  6. EthnoGuy85

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    @ mutant- scop didn't terminate as they didn't eat into it deep enough to damage the meristem. Just some unsightly scarring now.
  7. EthnoGuy85

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Fuck slugs!!!! Never touched the scop before then decided to rape in while I was on holiday!!
  8. EthnoGuy85

    Fertilizer Question

    I use a 20-20-20 at 1/4th strength for seedlings and 1/2 strength for mature cacti. Nothing but good results over the past two years
  9. EthnoGuy85


    Fuck tripsis you're like my hero. Wish I could take the offer up because I totally would!
  10. EthnoGuy85

    Tricho Seedlings, Progress?

    I use 2 26watt 6500k cfl's per propagation box on a 16/8 photoperiod. Hostilis what's your photoperiod run. Seems like we get about the same growth rates there. I'll try an get some pics of the young'ens later.
  11. EthnoGuy85

    Tricho Seedlings, Progress?

    Yep you can start giving them a mild water soluble fertilizer now too. I do mine every other week with ferts.
  12. EthnoGuy85

    What would you call these?

    "A hobby is a regular activity that is done for pleasure, typically during one's leisure time.By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area." Guilty as charged and I am American. Though stupid is debatable
  13. EthnoGuy85

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    @ spinygator found these at my local lowes today. Are these "huancoensis" or do we need to throw some other random cultivar name at it? Maybe this is the elusive 'millipede'........
  14. EthnoGuy85

    Sacred Succulents Order

    The glaucus is not a what most sell as glaucus just FYI.
  15. EthnoGuy85

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    Yes the plants you had posted up are nice. And you haven't proved anything other than the fact that you can call any plant you grow whatever the fuck you want. Whether is actually what you call it or not. Secondly I don't want anything from you. I didn't participate in this guessing game because it's pointless as I doubt you'd actually follow through on anything you say. Thirdly, you come to an established forum spouting conjecture and hearsay. And also exposing yourself as a shiesty businessman and con artist and get upset when the people here call you out.
  16. EthnoGuy85

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    With the level of dishonesty and shadiness you've shown why would any of us assume that you'd honor such a "giveaway" even if someone did guess your age right?
  17. EthnoGuy85

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    Nice marketing ploy so you can sell that huancoensis at a ridiculous price on eBay. You and Verne must be right good pals there mate.
  18. EthnoGuy85

    How to recognize a huanucoensis

    They do a lot of growin once they reach the point of growing spines. At around the 3 month mark sometimes younger mine go outside in shade/indirect dappled light and actually grow faster outside with less intense and less hours of light.
  19. EthnoGuy85

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    I wish Altman made these different types available. I see PC pachanoi all the time at my local retail outlets but I've only found the monstrose once in 7+ years
  20. EthnoGuy85

    Lophophora ̶p̶o̶r̶n̶ ̶Appreciation Thread

    @ Philo I've always admired your cacti. Those lopho's are gorgeous
  21. EthnoGuy85

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    This is entertaining, please guys continue.......
  22. EthnoGuy85

    Cuttings from Cajabamba

    I've no clue but put me on the list for seeds!
  23. EthnoGuy85

    North America Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

    I'd take that pachanoi all the way to the left. I've a small center cut of a nice blue Peruvianus, rooted and has a small pup. Also have a rooted pachanoi semi monstrose from Altman's(aka short spined Peru). Also a couple macrogonus seedlings and some nitrogen mutant crosses that haven't yet shown any monstrose tendencies.