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    Alternanthera sp.

    Hi all, I would like to know more on the alternanthera purple knight . I am curious because last year my dog was getting ready to go into labour with her puppy's and she was pacing the garden, looking a bit beside herself when she started eating the small white flowers off this plant. I was instantly concerned and stopped her from consuming more than the two she had already eaten. I thought it best at the time to know what she had eaten, so I tried some. I put a flower in my mouth and chewed it a little, spitting out the hard pulp and juice and only swallowing a residual amount. I felt high and buzzy with a terrible prickly feeling in my mouth and throat, this lasted for hours. My dog survived and had a trouble free birth, I survived and want to know more . It is also commonly known as joyweed, wonder why? Anybody else had experiences with this sp. of alternanthera?
  2. woodwoman

    Aboriginal Shamanism

    There is only 1 instance I know of where a traditional shaman (high priestess) has come to the world with their knowledge unbleached. This woman lives in the Taiga forest of Siberia with her she wolf, bear and numerous other animals who desire only to serve her. She has no need to physically leave the paradise that her forebearer's created for her and knows she can effect us with out having to leave. The story of Anastasia is worth reading for anyone who wants a glimpse into our pristine origins, occult dogmas, the natural human powers of creation and destruction, time travel, space jumping, animal training, plant communication etc.... Please read them and talk about them here on The Corroboree! I have found a link where these books are free to read in PDF. Rivendell Village Ringing Cedar . Free Land For All = Freedom Forever
  3. woodwoman

    Aboriginal Shamanism

    I am aboriginal and want to share my views on this topic with a real life example:- I go to the shops and walk around the aisles only because I have no country of my own. In these shops I am directed only by my gut instinct, I will chose only foods that my body agrees to. Most foods here in these supermarkets make my guts tight in a "I really don't want that" reaction, if the food is agreeable my guts will soften in a "Yes Please" reaction I do not choose foods because I have been told they are best or because the colored packaging or pricing influences me. In older times we walked around our country (supermarket) and if we felt the desire to eat a certain plant we would. There were no meal schedules or pharmacy's to tell us what to do and when. We followed our own individual, natural, well developed, instincts. When it comes to what we call today as drug plants, these would only be consumed if the body, mind and spirit together so desired it. As small children we tasted and experienced everything in the natural supermarket so as adults our bodies knew what it could access, when and where. Fresh food and water was never in shortage, as Australia was abundant. If a new thought was born and a new desire grew then the "shamans" could program the plants accordingly. Like we program crystals, water, idols, thought forms, etc, plants too can change their essence to suit the new desire or purpose. The creator could be found everywhere so using drugs to access these levels was not necessary. As we now prove, the human body can experience altered states of consciousness without the use of drugs. This knowledge has been written now, for all colors to see and understand. Those who continue to misunderstand and try to destroy life, will not be desirable breeders and therefore will be bred out of the human population because women seek only truth and these false dogmas continually get exposed. Beware those who make aboriginals out to be stupid or drugo's as they are the destroyers of ancient knowledge and truth.
  4. I'd love to fill your bowl my friend but things have been too dry, so here's some soft words for your heart to rest against the lie. I AM I am Water Constantly moving and renewing, Knowing no boundaries and nourishing all in my path. Wearing away at all that stands between me and my source. I am free and this is my course. I am Air Willing to change directions And make the most of opportunity. I am strong in my movements and calm in my stillness. A breath of life to all who request it. I am Fire Fed the right fuels my passions consume the darkness with love and light. I take off with the old so to let in the new I give you an option to cook up a stew. I am Earth Endless cycles of growth, death and rebirth. Supporting selflessly those who depend on me. Maintaining my equilibrium in this fast spinning world, I am ancestors blood and little girls curls. I am the Sun Shining light and warmth To those who choose to see me. Ever present yet not always there. I reflect the love that we share. I am a Rock Separate from my source yet still the source. Ancient in my knowledge and stable in my beliefs, Watching, waiting, patiently, I know no grief. I am a Tree With strong roots and sturdy branches. Always growing towards the light, My fruits are enjoyed by all who choose, I the tree can never loose. I am an animal Needing love and attention, Playful and unconditionally loving. I stand tall and take what I am given. I might be small but I am still living.
  5. woodwoman

    The Hit

    I like your poem hookahead, did you write it? Here's one of mine, similar subject. SPEED Shoot that needle up your arm, it might do your baby harm. With all that poison in your veins, some must end up in it's brain. But who cares? No one will know, until they watch the baby grow. And if it dies, well what then? They'll have another, maybe ten. Sure as shit it's happening, unfortunately to my friend. I hope she sees herself one day and gives that filthy shit away.
  6. woodwoman

    Jaguars eating caapi

    My dog ate alternanthera and it calmed her right down. I have started a thread in ethnobotany on the incident called alternanthera sp.. My question is how do they know which plants to eat. My dog, for example, did not grow up around alternanthera yet this was her choice for pre birthing pangs. She has never eaten it before or since but this one day could not get enough of it.
  7. woodwoman

    "Saved by an Angel"

    Many times I have been saved, by angels? I do not know. I would have put it down to good old intuition. That voice in my head is my own as far as I can tell. When I ignored that voice it would always lead to the accident. What is that voice? Where does it come from? Why is it always right?. Were you driving on mental autopilot when the voice came on Mikey? Autopilot seems to be conducive with allowing a deeper connection to the subconscious mind and it's wealth of information. Story: Last month I found myself in a cattle yard with a rogue bull, I had forgotten he was there and was confidently going about my business when the voice came in and said "Run" I stopped momentarily to question it and then saw the bull 3m away start a full blown charge at me. I thought I was about to die and run I did, but everything was in slow motion and I felt like I was running on the spot, I must have been running with all my might as i hit the ricketty, timber rails and jumped as quick as I could to the top rail. Just as I had made the fence the bull launched at the rails just 10cm beside me and did a full body slam of the top rail ( top rail 2m high). 10cm is all I had left between me today and me in a wheelchair. I have hundreds of these types of stories and find them fascinating, but can not understand why I still question the validity of the voice that keeps saving me. I am glad the voice saves you too Mikey for your story's are worthy of ears. Cheers! He looks like I felt but with a much smaller beast.
  8. woodwoman

    Cabin Porn

    I just checked out your website Laila and have to congratulate your dad for his grand creation, you are truly blessed by your fathers forsight. I have always had dreams of shipping container homes and I think aquaponics on the walls will help with insulation. But no Plastics! so I came up with hemp fibre cast, for hydroponics because I remember in one of my grade 8 projects on Hemp, that the first ford cars were made from compressed hemp and it is stronger than steel. Maybe big market opening there? Love the thread, my inspiration is exploding
  9. One day all people will know how perfect and powerful they are. But how can we remember who we truly are when everybody else is busy telling us all who we should be. I had 6 unknown men try and rape me one night, but I was not feeling week and powerless this evening and walked out with just a few punches to the stomoch. They had me held by the arms against a wall while the one I had just decked was punching me in the stomoch. They got no real struggle or reaction from me, I just laughed at them and said " If you don't let me go right now I will have to kill every single one of you". I was gleefully smiling as I said it, like I know something that you don't know, my raw, powerful energy was enough to bluff them into letting me go. I sacred 6 large men with words and confidence. (short version) So how can we come to know this inner power and even use it? Practice martial arts, even if by YouTube. Know Your Rights. Do not fear expressing your emotions, violence is always the last measure. Know you are all powerful. Choose anger over fear. Choose vengence over helplessness. Be in the now. Do not picture the worst case scenario. This does not help with drink spiking, which has also happened to me. (whole other story) I would suggest not drinking in public places, but remember all to well that a team of white horses would not have dragged me from the bar in my younger years. I do not drink at all now because I link alcohol to intense amounts of misery. My heart has exploded in pain many times for myself and others Mikey, this is damage that will be stored in my soul forever as a sharply reminder of the human devolution. I have also concluded that a lot of young people think love=sex but I believe love is universal and sex=children. I think a man can love passionately another man but sex should be reserved only for making children. Man and woman should reserve sex for it's desired purpose, co-creating ( having a child that is the product of both mother and fathers brightest thoughts and desires). Our current dogma is causing much pain in our society, as we bonk indiscriminately and have children by accident who then grow up not knowing universal love, belonging, or safety. These children will always act through fear and their lives will be marred by terror and mistrust. I have never seen an empty soul become whole again and therefore can not comment on the possibility of long term healings. So spread the word my beloved barda love = love and sex = child. Once this confusion has been set to rest the debauchery will discontinue. As you can see by the equations above just because you love someone deeply does not mean you need to have sex with them. But if you are to have sex with someone make sure you have created first, a (nest) safe place for the child to be born of it's own free will and raised in natural abundance. And ladies only choose sex with a man who is prepared to create and maintain that nest forever. No point finding out he's a looser after the child is born! I hope your sister gets off scott free for murdering that destructive bastard. And your neighbour's can learn the above equation a number of ways . Thanks for sharin' Mikey your honesty and passion is refreshing. This concludes my worldly advice for the day I hope it has made sense to some of you.
  10. SO the jury is still out on what comet ISON is made of. It is in our solar system, going near the sun, NOW, and has caused electrical changes on Mars as it went past. The American government have prepared for armageddon, the christian's are calling it the end of days, The alternative thinkers say it is a mothership come to guide us into transendence Or maybe they are aliens coming to feast and f**k. Any info, chanellings, tips or views will be appreciated. When I asked god what to do when the electrical currents go haywire he replied, in not so many words, "Keep with the beat of your own heart, sing your own song. It has your individual electrical imprint given to you by me." This is starting to make sense. If everyone is freaking out all at once can you imagine how hard it will be to separate yourself from the mass mind and stay un-attatched from the desperate insanity. In other words, stop being a sheep and start knowing that you are the unstoppable human power, Stand in that power and create responsibly..I believe this to be a world changer and "whatever I believe, is what is". Cheers!
  11. woodwoman

    Is comet ISON a Spaceship?

    Thank you all, I started this post for a number of reasons, but mainly to see who is where on this forum. Who is forthcoming with what they know and who is still hiding behind their (not so) funny masks. I have now profiled you all enough to know who is true and who is hiding. God blesses the truth and the devil always finds those in hiding. A few Dogmas I would like to smash before this thread goes to the graveyard:- When your head is in the sand - the devil can fuck you up the arse. When you sweep important stuff under the carpet - you will trip over the lump and fall flat on your face in a deep pile of shit. Ignorance is Bliss- until the thing you have been ignorant about is standing right in front of you. Forgive and forget- so the vicious cycle can be repeated again and again, WTF. Thou shalt not judge - we must judge everyday that which is of advantage or not of advantage to us, or we die. Life is simple - maybe for people with simple minds and dulled senses. Do not focus on the negative - well then remove my eyes, my ears, my nose, my mouth and my skin for in these places hell seeps in. Moving forward - in a straight line, like the predators we have been taught to be. It's good to be alive- It's good to be a half dead, bio-robotic, parasitic slave whose children hate them. Gays are great - but can only create, nothing. If we created a gay community it will not be able to recreate itself naturally. Shall we clone gays, huh! Words are cheep and can be very destructive when repeated like a mantra through a community. Question everything, or you are a sheep. Hmm Human sheep = Sheeple. I wished comet ISON to hit the Earth and remove a few million sheeple, so I could reconstruct my own planet of peace and abundance. Free from limiting dogmas and unjust authorities., free from forced poverty and buckets of concrete and lies, like a quick fix that I did not have to be a part of. Damn you ISON and damn humanity for making me think like this. There are many more who think like me and they may have the ability. We probably could have coped better with comet radiation than nuclear radiation though. Good-Bye Cruel World and God bless the Gardeners.
  12. I like these analogy's! Why do analogy's seem so acceptable when the blatant truth is so ugly? I have a book like this called " 12 Lessons on Life, I Learned From My Garden" By Vivian Elisabeth Glych eg. "The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom of fruits, can be preserved only by the most delicate handling. or " Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners" by William Shakesphere. and Preparation is everything - If you don't start with a good foundation, your growth will flounder. I will surely buy your book Mikey.
  13. woodwoman


    Maybe age related, but when I was young I had to know what mood my parents were in before they walked in the door, so I knew whether to hide or be available, this made me an empath, body language reader and lie detector. The time spent hiding gave me lots of thinking time, where answers to problems would come, from somewhere beyond me. I eventually told that voice to shut up and it did, the truth was not always easy to swallow. Certain superhuman events made me feel different, weird and unacceptable because I knew nobody else who could do it, I guess that is why I like this forum. (Sorry for the edit guys, I got paranoid) Even today when I am giving a massage, I know where to concentrate because I can feel how good it feels for them. When they make too much noise I loose the connection though." I must always desire to know " What are they feeling" before it works. eg. When my friend was in a coma and I visited with some friends, I asked myself "I wonder what he is feeling" and bang I was in excruciating pain and darkness, I pulled myself back out and he came with me, waking up at that precise moment and reaching for me ( not his girlfriend who was standing next to him). Feeling someone elses energy or looking into someones soul can be extremely painful and frightening. I have tried to learn the trick of recognizing my energy/home frequency so I do not get caught up in the energy exchange detrimentally, grounding exercises help. I have read many books relating to phenomenon, to convince myself I was not crazy. Big Thanks to people like Ceres who do these sorts of studies and name things in English. Turns out I am not crazy. Just human and there are words that relate to these phenomenon. "Whatever you believe is what is." Maybe by the time we are "older" we have taken on so many of others limiting beliefs, that we do not know what we are truly capable of, or no longer truly believe in our human capabilities. So I beg you, parents of this world, do not scoff at your children when you think they are being unreal, just let them believe and work it out for themselves. All they need from you is your open arms and unchained hearts. Humans are Super! if not stifled by dogma.
  14. I want to share/ give away some permaculture plants, but you will have to pick them up from my house near Woodford QLD. Pepino, 100 cuttings, great for ground cover/cropping Lemongrass, approx 50 plants, great for weed control and edging. Ginger, approx 10 cuttings Mint, lots. Strawberry's 20 plants available for transplant and whatever else needs thinning from my garden that you want. Many edible weeds and grasses. Mushrooms when the weather is right. Seed collecting available for anyone who knows what they are doing. 2 puppys also for give away, to best of homes only. Timber slabs, boards and blanks all sustainably harvested for sale. 600 acres of cattle farm with running creek and river so plan for a few hours yeah, I don't get out much, so I talk alot. Only come if you love dogs! Donations accepted but not expected! PM me for details
  15. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    Click on Picture for more information on "Working with the Spirits of Trees".
  16. I thought "Prometheus" was great in comparison to "Van Dieman's Land" which has to be the most pointless and wretched movie ever invented.
  17. The Ringing Cedars out rank the other 119 books in my spiritual/philosophy/religions library because they are so true and relevant today. All other religions seem like alien worship now. And most philosophy's, in comparison, were incomplete. I Read -Tao, Bible, Buddhism, Sufism, Capitalism, White Eagle, Two Feathers, Sharmanism, Thoth, the list is long and all in search of the truth. Anastasia " The Ringing Cedars" is amazing and will lead us into peace and inspiration. A Modern Herbal by Mrs M Grieves, because I knew nature could provide all I needed and this book agreed. The Secret Life of Plants both versions, taught me how to talk to plants and to listen,all scientifically proven so I can quote science to the non believers and not feel so freakish. I always new plants were important but these books helped me understand them better, so I could help myself and others to heal.. GOOGLE also helps
  18. I invented a mock religion when I was young called "Minimalism" and the gist was to do nothing, other than grow plants, interact with them, animals and people in a free, loving, respectful way. No ditching of family and driving to work to pay for food and roof "The Ringing Cedars" Series has very worthwhile philosophy of plant-human interactions, worth a read/study if wanting to create a new religion or political party maybe. It has already made a huge mark on the world. My political party would be called "Free Land For All" How many would vote for that? 5 acres each is what we need to turn this planet into a Garden of Eden! I love your Idea Phytolator it is very phytolistic.
  19. woodwoman

    Is comet ISON a Spaceship?

    Just wondering who knows what, about 1 CERES, a dwarf planet in our inner solar system that has had very minimal press coverage. It was an asteroid and now it is a planet with water and land. WTF? Why are the pictures all fuzzy? You can not tell me there are no good pictures of this thing, it has been around since before 1800s, we have photos of other galaxy's in clear colour but this is pixellated? I saw some clear pics a few weeks ago but they have all disappeared from internet, coverup of some sort! Click links below for more info: Wikipedia - Colonization of Ceres Wikipedia - Ceres Mythology Wikipedia- Ceres Dwarf Planet
  20. I had this conversation 2 days ago with my adoptive mother, she lives with the belief of ignorance is bliss- nothing we can do about it- as she just spruked about her visit to the last high level tennis tournament in Brisbane. She believes you can die from stress, I believe you can die from ignorance, so I said to her what is worse - dying from ignorance or dying from stress, because you care? She could not answer me but I answered myself. I would rather die from stress in the knowledge that any future children may look back at me and know I cared and did all I could humanly do to make change for the better. (Respectable) Dying in ignorance is disgusting and these people will never be thought of again. If every human could please read "The Ringing Cedars" Series, buy extra copies for friends and politicians. We still have a chance, so step up humanity or gtarman and I will .until you do. We are not Helpless and this is not hopeless!
  21. I do not promote stealing or violence because that would make me as bad as them. Lets try and solve problems instead of adding to them! I would love to see a free food market! where joy is the only currency required.
  22. woodwoman

    Is comet ISON a Spaceship?

    Aliens are real! http://youtu.be/Id8RUNnzXdk And so are comets! http://thelatestworldwidemeteorreports.blogspot.com.au/
  23. Tiny tiny thin layer of gasses and chemicals = "Ozone Layer" - which get shredded every time a space rocket goes into space or returns. They want to blame us but we are not the only reason! Once I figure out how to upload you tube, I will show good examples. They want to blame methane and Ice - well what about all the millions of acres cleared for the hard hoofed methane producing cattle we all so love to eat? Stop the mass production of beef/red meat and plant more trees. Trap the methane and use it for cooking instead of coal seam gas which could become coal seam fire with the next big earthquake. Too hard to stabilize methane? Well find a way, indonesian's have been cooking from cows crap(methane) for hundreds of years.. Take back your Motherland! Be natural beings again. Petition your government for a piece of your motherland so you can stop contributing to the problems. We are not helpless and this is not hopeless. Don't get scared, get angry!
  24. Woolies are bully's, this was our slogan when Woolworths came to Maleny, There was a massive no woolworths campaign by the locals and surrounding areas. We watched them cut down the last tree on the proposed site while people were harassed and threatened by the police. For the first few months of opening there were hardly any clients (no cars in carpark) but now they seem to be busy with consumers. I question the foods they supply, animal fats, sugars, flavours, colours, preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides and "Fresh" what a joke. I am sure they could be challenged in court as to "Fresh Food". False Advertising! We learn at Uni the decay stages of plants in post harvest techniques and all the artificial ripening techniques commonly used. Uni as I now see it, is a money grab for information on what chemicals to use where and when. The universities are the false information pump that keep teaching our people how to be inorganic and completely seperate. Did David beat Goliath? HOW?
  25. woodwoman

    Is comet ISON a Spaceship?

    So folks, it seems we are more under threat from ourselves than anything from space. Our heads are in the sand. So easily distracted by flashing lights and smooth words from a box on the wall. You will be promised everything will be O.K. and you will not even notice them killing the air you breath, or poisoning the water you drink, or stealing the energy you create, infact you will gladly help in the process of your own self annihilation! I say good on the folk who have taken it upon themselves to grow their own food, produce their own clean water, love the animals who rely on them and remember the connection we have with this amazing planet. God Blesses them!