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  1. At night when I am trying to sleep the engines roar above my keep. My walls are thin and I have enough trouble sleeping courtesy of the neighbors dogs, the high pitched, loud, metal squeak from some unknown machine, the cows bellowing the horses kicking their stalls and their horse floats and the car hoon's. So to make myself feel less powerless against the toxic noise and toxic byproduct of planes, I came up with a chant I repeat until they are gone..These planes shake the earth and tend to come in waves. The noise makes them sound like they are crashing and then take off again. I also know for fact that the fuel they use is carcenogenic. The aeroplanes that stir my night may the fall down far from sight. During the day The aeroplanes that stir my day may they crash and burn away.
  2. Way to go bardo, you must be really bored to come up with that shit. I hope your delusional reality finds you drawn and quartered out front of that milk bar while Henry and fonze watch and laugh. No wonder I do not come here often anymore, the psycho trolls are rediculous and to think you all approve of the bullying tactics. I will not waste my time sharing here again, Goodbye! As for the planes - they have come to a halt. I have not heard one since I wrote the chant above.
  3. From the album: Cactus Fence

    Cacti make great fences. post pics here of cactus that you think would make a good fence able to keep livestock and even dogs contained. Self propagating, self repairing, what more could you want from a fence? Edible, Scented, medicinal, attractive, bird feeding.
  4. woodwoman

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    I vote Devolution!
  5. woodwoman


    For some reason I can only manage to put one picture in the gallery so check the original post for more pics.
  6. woodwoman

    Cactus Fence

    Cacti make great fences. post pics here of cactus that you think would make a good fence able to keep livestock and even dogs contained. Self propagating, self repairing, what more could you want from a fence? Edible, Scented, medicinal, attractive, bird feeding.
  7. woodwoman

    producing DMT in the brain naturally

    I found Youtube to be a good free source of these binural beats etc... DrVirtual7 has some interesting stuff.
  8. Hi Thunderldeal, I quit smoking so I do not have as many outdoor staring sessions. The moving stars (UFO's) are still up there. They look as big as the biggest star or as small as the smallest star. Sometimes they flash regularly sometimes they flash massively. They move in every direction across the night sky. They move slightly slower than a jumbo jet. I see them on average 1 per minute traverse the night sky. I have seen them fly in formation. I have seen them appear and disappear. I have seen them pose as stars and then move off. I have seen them nearly collide. I have never seen them do a U turn. They are not satellites,planes or weather balloons. They may be drones or maybe we have never left Earths orbit and these are what we use for satellite communications. Whatever they are is a mystery and all the Youtube videos I used to find of them are now gone. I could not be bothered starting a thread just for this so forgive me for putting all of what I know here. Feel free to move it. If you want to see them go outside and look into the stars! Stare at a spot and wait until the movement catches in your peripheral vision. No I am not crazy, I have been with other witnesses.
  9. woodwoman

    Cabin Porn

    Some of my favorite pics from over the years.
  10. woodwoman

    Is it ethical to shoot someone in the face with a crossbow to prevent/parry a breach of the peace?

    Are you a targeted individual? If it is electronic warfare you are concerned about and the real dangers associated with EMF or the car fumes or the noise pollution or the chemtrails or the government spooks who are paid to lie to your face. Potentially every body is a threat to your life. You are not safe anywhere in this day and age, so short of a nuclear holocaust you will never win and are bound to die because of some thing or another, forced onto you by another. This is what a lack of free will looks like! Resistance is futile! If you are concerned about the thugs that line your streets doped out on desperation? Get a dog and learn self defence,
  11. woodwoman

    don't cha love it when...

    Don't you love it when you are dripping sweat with no possibility of finding relief when a gust of wind rushes past and gives you the one thing you thought you could not get. Relief! Don't you love it when you are walking in the stench of the city when all of a sudden the sickly sweet smell of buckinghamia celsissima overpowers all the other putrid smells.
  12. woodwoman

    Origins of Homo sapiens

    Evolution huh! Well I am pretty sure we are devolving, from a species that lived in harmony with it's environment to one that ruins it's environment to make machines to live from. As for DNA and Genetics determining our outcomes, this be true! However it is often overlooked when human thought and desire can determine the replication of the DNA. We have the ability to create designer children with the power of our mind and heart yet often children these days are no more than an un thought through accident and pest. The human birth rate is a direct indicator of health and stability in a populace, Australia's birth rate is declining and IVF increasing. We have put money before love and all suffer as a consequence. This is devolution when people start having children for money: instead the love and the joyous contemplation of a grand co creation are impossible because we are too worried the machines may fail or the money will stop. Children raised with plants and animals will always be happier and healthier than children raised by machines and money. We must return to the knowledge of the ancestry before we devolve into something that can no longer be called human. But while we are all in disagreeance as to our pristine origins, we fail to return to them. If neanderthol were our ancestors then where are they now? Why do we look the same as we did for thousands of years unchanged if evolution drives the world. Why is a monkey still a monkey, the same as it has been for thousands of years? Do we all think the ant has become anything other than an ant, ever? All that is happening is the division of the queens people into 2 main groups Evolutionists and Creationists and this will start a war eventually and after that will be a new set of "truths" given to us by those who consider themselves rulers of humanity. To free our people we must know the truth and never loose the truth again , not for love nor money. To discover the truth simply spend 10 minutes trying to have an emotional exchange with a $10 note or a computer then try the same thing with a fruit bearing tree. Which do you prefer communicating with? Which world do you think we are designed for, the artificial world or the natural world? Don't forget once the money is gone it is gone but the fruit bearing tree grows more full each year. Money can never grow it can only ever be taken from Paul to Pay for Peter. (Creation V Destruction) (Evolution V Devolution) I found a lot of info on the pristine origins of hominids in "The Ringing Cedars" Series of books from Russia containing the indepth memory of a Siberian recluse and her ties to the ancient civilization of Rus. The books also cover Telegony and how to remove it, which is an amazing subject on it's own.
  13. woodwoman

    Post your word of the moment

    CONNIPTION A fit of rage, tantrum.
  14. HUMAN GRACE By Laura Davis 2014 They called my mum a murri, A bung, a gin a black. But one thing they could not call her, And that was fuck'n fat. Her fingers were not bony, And her legs were lean but strong. For she could walk a thousand miles, And no thing could be wrong. The Earth supplied my mother, With everything she'd need. And she returned her love for life, By planting many seeds. She planted for the future, For generations time. A transcendental garden, That did not cost a dime. But then along came white man, And called us heathen cunts. They burned our precious gardens, And left it black with stumps. They stripped the life from most the land, For cattle, roads and grain. And treated us like animals, Without a heart or brain. I say to you my white man, For this you may not know. You still have no motherland, For love and life to grow. You sell her off so easily And move from place to place. Yet every time you lose your land, You lose your human grace. Wert has inspired me to share a poem or two. Not intended to offend anyone. Just how I feel and see the world. Scared motherfuckers! By Laura Davis 2012 I'm so scared that I cry, I'm so scared that I will die, My haunted heart,hurts so much, To buy my life is so tough. chorus Kill me and release this pain, My broken heart is no ones gain, I wonder why I cry in vain, I feel like I have gone insane. My mother left me by a door, She must have felt that she was poor, Nowhere in her heart to store, Another sleeper on the floor. Now I need my mother back, My motherland and I intact, My heart can bleed into my track, So I can have my real world back. This white man's way is all so wrong, They can't even sing their song, They certainly wont right the wrong, They say I must just move along. I'll die if I don't know my land, I will die at white man's hands, They stab me every chance they get, And then they hope that I'll forget. I don't forget and can't go on These motherfucker's stole my song I'm so scared that I cry, I'm so scared the land will die.
  15. Solid subject! Yet it was far from looking at a photo of it. Abstract like a fractal pattern. Powerfully brilliant bro.
  16. woodwoman

    Human Grace poem

    I get emotional every time I read them. Not sure what metrical or meter or scansion means but I think I know what iambs are. Next time I write a poem I will try not to be so lazy and grammatically incorrect, thanks for the hint starling. Looks like I need to be more conscious of iambs in my posts too I have always been gifted with the ability to form words around an image or a feeling I am trying to communicate. I am shy and often keep my feelings hidden but find that with poetry I can express myself freely In this safe outlet. I have books of poems I have written, mostly on heartbreak and hope, the odd one about a dog or a car. I play the guitar and can make a song up on the spot, when provoked by a subject. Thank you all for feeling with me.
  17. Poetry, like verse is the communication of an image. If you can picture clearly that which you talk/write about others will see the image too and the communication has been successfull. Ancient poets were called BARD and their flowing words became the law as everybody knew that words straight from the heart were always true. Forget the modern rules and speak from the heart I say. Well done, Wert!
  18. woodwoman

    Essential Oil Still

    Essential oils are one way of ingesting the life force of the plant without having to consume piles of produce. Another way I learnt of recently is by placing an earthen vessel of water by a patch of plants in a heightened state of maturity and moonlight, the vibration/essence of the plants permeates the water creating a powerful elixer of exceptional vibrational quality. Yet another way is to eat the pollen or to catch it and mix it with water for amazing health benefits. Pollen is never poisonous and is full of all necessary nutrients for sustained cell growth and division. No plants are killed during these processes and the benefits may be equal to if not more extraordinary than essential oils. As Masaru Emoto proved the effects of thoughts on water, so too the effects of thought on essential oils or other plant elixers are important. Are your thoughts for making it, for money or joy?
  19. There are a few communities around Australia that accept folk like you for free or a max $10,000 for 1 ha. Google "The Ringing Cedars Communities". As an aboriginal descendant I am mortified by the thought of having to slave for 30+ years so I can buy a bit of my own country to call home. All Australians deserve a piece of their motherland Australia for perpetuity.' Free Land For All. This is a petition I have started to petition our government to release land for the creation of family domains. 1ha each for perpetuity with the right of home burial. 3m easements between property's. As described in "The Ringing Cedars". Land Lotto Australia will be the avenue to fairly allocate the lands by lottery to interested parties and raise the money necessary for administration and land purchases. Why has no one heard of this yet? I am too scared of being put in prison for having alternate views or worse murdered. I too live in isolation and have hit nothing but traumas these last few years. Oh yeah I have those parents too! So no support there! If people are truly interested in living free, please pm me with some encouragement to continue my work to free our people from forced debt. I am really struggling to complete this on my own FREE LAND FOR ALL = FREEDOM FOREVER There are no other answer to national security, food shortages, food quality, soil erosion, poisonous monocultures, clean water, nuclear dumping, pollution, equality, foreign ownership, raising happy families etc. No point just saving myself if my neighbour is still unhappy. Miss Lou Lou
  20. Hi Everyone, I am a sawmiller on the sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia, and I wanted to share some pics and stories of different tree spirits I have found inside trees over the past 8 years. To start off this thread here is "happy blackwood man" http://www.woodworkforums.com/f132/blackwood-pics-174170/index2.html will try to attatch file next time, I hope this link works! Anyone got photos, poems, interesting ideas about the spirit nature of plants?
  21. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    A couple of recent tree spirits. Blackwood root and Mango Root pics.
  22. Yes! Even the ones who pretend to be friendly have ulterior motives. Just like current day humans! They will be super friendly right up until they control the earth, it's people and its contents. Take back your Motherland before it is too late! Set up your boundary's and say NO to invaders with all the free will and fight you can muster. Alien lovers are just that, aliens lovers!
  23. I was watching a moving star one night and called to my friend to watch it too, we have seen many together as they occur almost nightly and approx every few minutes. I started to rant at it telling it to f**k off and leave us alone with all the rage and power in my body. It became really bright for 5 or so seconds then went back to the original brightness and continued on it's path. This freaked us both out so much that my friend made me promise never to do it again. It has happened to me before while I was camping alone, one of these moving stars shone what felt like a spotlight on me, after I directed a lot of concentration on it. I was panicked and ran to the nearest house but not as scared as when my friend was present. MOVING STARS - travel N-S, E-W, W-E, S-N and every direction in between. They can appear from nowhere, disappear, stop still to look like a star and we have even seen them fly in triangle formation. They are slightly slower to cross the sky than an aeroplane, are not satellites or regular planes. They may be drones but too high up. I can spot them easily because of my excellent peripheral vision. I look up at a star and wait for any movement to come into peripherals, sometimes just look up and there they are. As bright as the brightest star or as dull as the dullest star. I usually go outside between 7 and 10pm for cigarette breaks and nearly always look up. I would love to get some footage on a decent camera of them, can anyone help with that? I have some footage on an old mobile phone but do not know how to put it on a computer. Then there is the paranoia associated with revealing sensitive information to the public. Whose game?
  24. woodwoman

    When is privacy necessary?

    I require privacy for thinking . Loud noises, distractions, people asking questions, staring at or talking to me stops me from thinking deeply. Privacy is necessary for deep thinking, problem solving, concentration, dreaming and conceptualizing.. Ancient people knew of the importance of privacy and for this reason would never disturb someone in deep thought. They would wait patiently, nearby, for the other person to finish their thoughts and approach them. Unlike today's fast paced, high demand, unsafe, technocratic society! This is why today we have so many half baked ideas. Imagine trying to win a game of timed chess while you are being interviewed by important people. Impossible. So privacy is necessary always, unless I have chosen to connect with others and maybe share some private thoughts or labour.