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    id of unknowns pls

    Some closer shots of the above cactus (same order). Thanks again!
  2. 2XB

    id of unknowns pls

    The photograph of the cactus I came across at work I believed to be pc because many internet pc images looked similar to my specimen. Having said that there are too images suggesting it may be bonafide t. Pachanoi... I'll get some better resolution photos up of the spines later, but I guess I cannot know for certain until it flowers. I did see the mother plants flower but only from a distance. Regarding the cactus I found at bunnings, I believe this could be t.peruvianus because it looks so similar to a skinny tip of another known t.peruvianus. however not so much like a healthier (fatter) looking samples I have of the same species... I guess there are so many variables, making id's in this manner difficult. The cactus I obtained from a friend I believe is t. Panchanoi, not sure why really, just always got that vibe... Thanks all for the input so far, as I mentioned a couple close ups to come...