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  1. I have given quite a few away recently, and am focusing on propagation again, but I will try and remember to bring a couple of bits for you migraineur..

    don't worry about payment, I don't charge for weeds! :)

  2. On my calling whitewind a misogynist, you've forgotten the fourth possibility that I'm correct. Not a really thorough logical examination by you, then. The fact that he stated "weak, yes, and that's fine" demonstrates that he is not merely reflecting the "opinions of society".


    The way I read it, the context of that comment is a sarcastic satire of what he sees as being wrong with the way society sees women, so I read it as saying something like 'society says it is not okay for a man to be weak, but of course it is fine for women to be weak'

    Maybe whitewind can confirm how he meant it, and then things can move on, because it would be a shame if the discussion stopped moving forward over a simple misunderstanding that could easily be cleared up if everyone stopped judging each other's motives and accusing each other of being bad in some way (I know I am the worst at this, but that is what qualifes me to say it :P)

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  3. It's a somewhat plausible hypothesis. I actually had three hypotheses and decided to only address one of them.

    A. deliberate misinterpretation

    B. honest mistake

    C. moron

    I decided to go the middle ground. :innocent_n:


    As a good philosopher and critical thinker, I would urge you to rethink your rationale for deciding and instead adhere to one of the most fundamental principles of constructive argument and remember the Principle of Charity. Under such a rubric, you would choose 'honest mistake,' at least initially. :)

    If we continue to try to view racketemensch's response from this charitable perspective, it is easy to see evidence that confirms hypothesis B. To wit, whitewind edited his post, and the wording that racketemensch copied above could be easily misinterpreted as it is supposed to be sarcastic and satirical but the text contains no indication of this, which would usually be communicated via intonation and body language.

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  4. You know perfectly well that whitewind was expressing what he sees as the typical attitude of society in general, and not expressing this view himself. This, in fact, shows that both you, whitewind, and I, are dissatisfied with these gender stereotypes. This would have been a great opportunity to acknowledge a point of agreement from which we can then discuss who is more negatively affected by these stereotypes and how they can be overcome (points we disagree on). Instead, you decide to misinterpret his post so you can just argue.


    You know perfectly well that racketemensch just made a mistake. This would have been a great opportunity to gently point out his error and move on with the discussion. Instead, you decide to misintepret his post as wilful obfuscation just so you can argue.

    :P:) ;) :wub:

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  5. This was a very impressive protest, well played Greg. You got attention, and didn't make such a huge palaver to get yourself arrested. I sincerely hope you did get plenty of footage of the protest, because I think there is still a lot of mileage to be made. I assume it would be freely available to use, so long as the contect is made clear? I'd love to get my hands on some. The fact that you took illegal substances for personal reasons on the steps of Parliament House and "got away with it" while advertising the fact in front of politicians and the police force is really something that the community can use effectively in the future, and is something to find good heart about. There really is a difference between using them recreationally (which is what the laws are actually targeting) and for spiritual use, and what you have achieved is pretty amazing. Congratulations, and much respect.


    Did you go whitewind? What kind of stuff happened?

  6. why is there only 6 people following this thread? come on peeps!!!!


    I was going to mention the follow feature, I think a lot of people probably don't know it's there.. ooh and now I am going to put a link to this thread in my sig like Freaky Chicken...

    okay that should do! If the thread doesn't get more followers I will upgrade it to giant letters in flashing neon pink, that should make people take notice.... :P:)

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  7. speaking of chillis. I will be bringing all sorts of chilli stuff

    are you even into chillis, chilli? or is that considered canabilisim :P


    heh, well at the moment I have a few growing from last year, and some seeds.. nothing very exciting. I meant to get some more happening this year, but keep getting distracted by cacti and acacias.. but yeah, i love chilli!

    i will be kayakin there. Just look for the floating garden :)


    dude, seriously? that is so cool! :)

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  8. Me and the heavily pregnant missus are still keen and planning to be there! :)

    We will be bringing some food and drinks, a few trades and a very sociable but slightly mad puppy! :)

    Weather looks perfect!

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