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  1. Had to do some surgery on my TBM, who had pups emerging behind other segments (which were also pupping). Chopped them off, now I'm trying to root them (ouch)

    Checked the cuttings a few days ago, and one of them had black rot which was spreading quite rapidly. So today, I chopped it out and covered the wound in sulphur. Cool story, huh?

    Anyway, liking the pictures, guys. So nice to see your beautiful, spiky friends!


    Welcome to the forums Pinion, hope you stick around. :)

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  2. All my messages were deleted a little while ago, and I think there are one or two trades or giveaways I haven't completed yet.

    I know there was a relatively new member (I think from WA) who I was going to send some stuff to...

    if this was you please PM me as I can't remember your member name!

  3. I like how your messages to the female race occur in this thread of all the threads on SAB lol.



    and also: Aha! but I am only here because you bumped the thread and I was intrigued to see what you said. :):P

    I think its more ethnobotany thats male dominated than the internet in general. Heaps of chicks spend all day on facebook.


    It depends, because while sites like facebook and twitter are roughly even for m/f participation, sites like reddit and digg attract mainly males. As far as subject matter attracting one sex over the other, I think it is true that there are more males involved in ethnobotany, as well as technology, philosophy, atheism and theology. Seeing as these subjects constitute the majority of the sort of forums I have frequented over the years it could account for why there seem to me to be less women on internet forums generally?

    I wonder what kind of sites have a comparable overrepresentation of females... I don't dare to take a guess... Balzac? :)

  4. It is much, much less of a sausage fest than it was a few years ago! The ratio used to be basically one girl to the whole forum!

    Stick around girls, and bring your friends!

    It also could be that certain kinds of sites or ethnobotany in general attract more males than females.

    Maybe every time a new woman checks out the site she sees 'I hate women' on the front page and thinks 'fuck these cunts' :P

    but isn't it actually one of the Rules of the Internet that there are no girls on the internet? What are you gals even doing online at all, you are going to break the internet!

  5. Awesome meet, keen for the next one already!

    I am happy with either too, but suspect bimonthly might make for bigger meets at this stage? I always have been a bit bi-curious... :)

    Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great meet, but a special thanks to Freaky Chicken for getting there early to get a spot. :wub:

    Those who didn't make it were missed too... hopefully catch yous next time! :)

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  6. It's on like Donkey Kong! I'll make an appearance, but nothing too speccy to trade right now. Catch you lot soon.


    Don't worry man, it's all about the love! :)

    Leaving shortly, I really hope we find you guys this time!!!

  7. I shall be coming!!!!! Ill be bringing my little one and a mate who is a noob to the forum! :)

    Yeowww! Cyaz there!!!!


    Awesome! Was going to remind you of the meet, then as usual forgot! (Psylo will not be happy with my pathetic excuses :P)

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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  8. no worrys mate but if you want i can sell you a rooted scop or trade for something you have :)


    Okay mate well is it a really leathery, five ribbed kind of scop, or a lance/cordobensis/spiny scop kind of scop? I have a couple like the latter, but none like the leathery scops I had in NZ. :)

  9. you wanted a scop cutting? as in the cacti?

    I have a plant I can bring to sell you its very fat and has a pup so i cant take a cutting but would sell it to you if you get me a cut of the pup once its bigger


    a couple of months ago you pm'd me saying you might have a T. scopuliculous cutting, but it's all good man i don't need it just remembered when you mentioned trades and wondered if you had ended up getting hold of it. :)

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  10. Ok I am psyched.. I just cut my hair and everything! :)

    Tomorrow I will be checking in and posting on this thread from my phone from the meet, so if anyone is struggling to find us and hasn't got anyone's numbers, be sure to check in here and write a post or PM.

    Hey jwerta, did you end up getting hold of that scop cutting?

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  11. I am not on your side Balzac, I am not on anyone's side :)

    This discussion has challenged and thrown much of my thinking on this into flux, and I would like to go back and read the thread in detail when I have time. So far I have not been able to give it much more than cursory attention, but from what I have read I was surprised when racketemensch dismissed your points and claimed to have proven hius point, because I thought your previous post had rather pedantically explained how you thought he had erred. I think the best explanation is that he did not understand your point, but I'm not sure why, maybe he just didn't like it lol.

    I know some brilliant feminists who I would love to invite to participate to argue the opposite view to balzac, but I am not comfotable enough with them that I would be happy inviting them to an ethno forum. Has anyone got someone they can invite or debate on this topic between knowledgeable and reasonable participants elsewhere?

    I would really like to see some of these MRM/MRA claims put to the test but I lack the requisite knowledge and time to attempt it myself right now.

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