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    Meet up: Perth

    Also wondering if we can make this work somehow! End to end encrypted online meet and post? Any ideas?
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    *froth* !
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    Nice setup!
  4. psyx


    Haha, fuck yeah!
  5. psyx

    Meet up: Perth

    Hey guys! 17th Feb, same place? Someone let me know
  6. Yes I've just been to one and not for very long - I'm quite shy when meeting new people. I'll post in the other thread and try to bring a few friendly entho peeps along with me thanks guys!
  7. Hey dudes! I'm a Perthite and a long time lurker of the forum but new to posting. I went to a meetup a while ago but haven't heard news on others since. Can anyone help a sister out? I'm looking to start my collection now that I have a little more room for a garden cheers!
  8. Or perhaps I can't PM until I've had a certain number of posts? :/
  9. Long time lurker here - I'll PM ya GOT